How To Use Cayenne Pepper To Stop Bleeding


  • Cayenne pepper does more than add a dash of spice to a plate of eggs. Long hailed as a miracle-working substance, cayenne pepper can stop bleeding in less than one minute under most circumstances. The reason it works is because cayenne pepper reacts with the body to equalize the blood pressure, meaning an extra gushing of pressure will not be concentrated in the wound area as it normally is. Blood will quickly clot when the pressure is equalized.

Topical Application

  • Cayenne can be sprinkled directly onto the wound with no modification to the cayenne whatsoever. The cayenne can also be dissolved in a bit of water and used to saturate a piece of gauze that is placed over the wound area.


Internal Application

  • Cayenne pepper can also be taken orally. Dissolve a teaspoon of cayenne in one cup of water and drink it down. For those who may find this distasteful, allergy and nutrition specialist Dr. James Privitera recommends dissolving a teaspoon of cayenne into the juice of half a lemon and a dash of maple syrup.

Other Uses

  • In addition to stopping the bleeding from exterior wounds, cayenne also works for internal hemorrhages inside the nose, stomach and throat. In these cases, of course, the cayenne must be taken orally. Cayenne also works to improve blood circulation, assist digestion, stimulate perspiration and saliva, and lessen pain from swollen or arthritic joints and limbs.


  • You will reap the benefits of cayenne if you include it as a regular part of your diet. You will, however, have to eat quite a bit of it to equal one teaspoon per serving, but this hot pepper adds pizazz to a number of food items. Any Italian dish, especially pizza, will benefit from cayenne, as will eggs, sauces, gravies, stews and anything else you may normally sprinkle with traditional black pepper.


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  1. Subsequently, after spending many hours on the internet at last We’ve uncovered an individual that definitely does know what they are discussing many thanks a great deal wonderful post

  2. I can testify to this. I sliced my thumb badly with the mandolin slicer (yes, stupid and in a hurry) and went to the cayenne pepper in the cabinet. It didn’t take 3 seconds to stop the bleeding and I couldn’t even get the blood out of the way, it was such a bad cut, but the cayenne worked.
    Great to have on hand.

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