How To Make A Mosquito Trap That Catches 1000s

MageCatchLogo-Ultimate.FH11Sure, you can purchase ready made mosquito traps, but these are usually not that good at their job; they may take out a few of the little devils, but if you live in an area that is plagued by mosquitoes, these traps are not really going to make that much of a difference.


The video above shows how to make TWO DIY mosquito traps, one of which is even solar powered! These traps are so effective that they can catch 1000s of mosquitoes each night and actually make a dent in the immediate mosquito population…


2 Replies to “How To Make A Mosquito Trap That Catches 1000s

  1. Interesting – I had researched the traditional propane traps & found out they’re extremely expensive.

    Two probable false items towards the end:
    – the big mosquitoes are the male of the species as far as I’ve seen, so killing them off is great
    – bats are indiscriminate consumers (as are purple martins) so you’re not targeting mosquitoes directly. Only larvae killers (dragonflies &c.) do that.

    I’ll have to give this a try regardless. I don’t know if it will work at lower concentrations; maybe I can “bait” the fan with something (dim light & a scent lure)

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