BREAKING: House Just Voted On Gun Ban, Here Are The Results…

There’s been a lot of talk about banning people on the ‘no-fly’ list and the ‘terror watch’ list  from being able to purchase firearms. This would make sense if these lists were actually legitimate but they aren’t. One would think a terror watch list would consist of Muslims, jihads and those sort of terrorists that are dangerous but that’s just not the case. 

I mean, ANYONE can be put on these lists with no proof of any wrongdoing. Guilty until proven innocent. After all, Obama will do whatever the hell he wants, as we have seen for the past 7 1/2 years of his dictatorship. So-NO, this just isn’t going to fly folks.

In fact, in a report by Red State they make some excellent points on this. It potentially warns people on a terror watch list that they are on said list and thereby compromises investigations. There is no viable way to allow a person on such a list to challenge being placed on the list without divulging classified information. Both lists are fallible and subject to political manipulation. The no fly list, in particular, is useless. Toddlers and fat drunks, like Ted Kennedy, have found themselves forbidden to fly because their name is on the list. More importantly, neither of the San Bernardino shooters was on such a list.

Now, in the aftermath of the jihadi shooting in Orlando, the same proposals have been resurrected. Never mind that the Orlando jihadi, Omar Mateen, was not on either a terror watch list or a no-fly list.

Make no mistake about it. This proposal is not a benign, give-the-illusion-of-doing-something, proposal. It is an attempt to allow the administration to broadly ban firearms by targeting political opponents. The FBI has for the past eight years been warning that right wing militia groups and “veterans” are the real terror threat. If a law passes like the no-fly-no-buy law, if you are affiliated with a pro-life or small government group you will be listed. Count on it.

Today a House committee voted to kill this amendment to a spending bill

House Republicans on a powerful spending committee rejected an amendment to limit the sale of firearms to terrorist suspects Wednesday, just days after Senate Republicans blocked an identical amendment on the chamber floor.

“This policy could have made areal difference in Orlando,” said Rep. Nita Lowey (D-N.Y.), who introduced the amendment during a House Appropriations Committee mark up. The measure would block firearms purchases by those who the Attorney General has a “reasonable suspicion” are engaged in terrorism.

Republicans said the provision would violate due process rights for those seeking to buy firearms. Democrats fired back by reciting the names and stories of some of the 49 victims of the June 12 massacre in Orlando, arguing that new gun controls are the best way to stop future bloodshed.

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After pointed back-and-forth, the measure was defeated, 16-31.

“This list has been faulted for producing a high error rate in the past,” said Rep. John Carter (R-Texas) of the terror watch list, urging his colleagues to oppose the amendment. “I cannot support a standard that is so inherently subjective, especially when it is used to deny a constitutional right.”

So, we have won the battle but we are far from winning the war. Thank God the Republicans didn’t cave to the Democrats temper tantrums.

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17 Replies to “BREAKING: House Just Voted On Gun Ban, Here Are The Results…

  1. This will be the right weblog for desires to discover this topic. You realize so much its practically challenging to argue along with you (not too I personally would want…HaHa). You actually put a whole new spin with a topic thats been discussing for many years. Fantastic stuff, just wonderful!

  2. Exactly what I’ve been saying since Rahm Emmanuel first floated the idea years ago. Putting your name on the list takes two minutes, with SSN, DOB, DL info, etc. And then, *POOF* your Constitutionally-protected rights are gone.

  3. They will keep trying and keep trying to take our guns. They say we are crazy and that’s not what they want but then they slip up and say just that. Check out the new book on Amazon ” Free State of Dodge”. It’s almost a prophetic tell of just what is happening with a over zealous antigun government.

  4. Just more government shit to disarm the American people they need to read the 2nd amendment there is no rules about carrying open or cc or anything else

  5. ……amendment to limit the sale of firearms to terrorist suspects…. Hope someone made a mistake when article was written.

    0 Hope someone writing the article made a mistake

  6. This is just one more reason as a life long democrat I am leaving the democratic party and becoming a independent and a lot of my friends are doing the same. There is now way on Gods green earth I could ever vote for a person as vial as Hillary Clinton and these fools are just the icing on the cake.

  7. Hillary Clinton said that gun control legislation doesn’t go far enough, that it will take an executive order! When they install Hillary as president, we can only guess what her first executive order will be..

    1. If we aren’t at war, why do we keep sending soldiers to the Middle East? It looks like we are fighting an undeclared war, which I think is illegal. Correct me if I’m wrong. .

  8. One overlooked but particularly egregious aspects of this “No fly, no buy” policy, which thankfully was not passed, is the DOJ/DHS”rule/law/policy that forbids a person once denied a firearms purchase from challenging the refusal, at the same time leaving them on the no buy list, effectively making them guilty of criminal possession if they have other guns. This is essentially a ban for life, and in a state like Kalif, it would open the door for the “gun police” to stage an early morning raid to get criminal gun owners and their weapons of war/mass destruction off the streets. For those not aware, Calif does in fact have dedicated “law enforcement” group tasked with going after gun owners barred from possession for any number of reasons, in theory felons, but in reality those under legal writs such as a restraining order, a civil protective order or a complaint from a disgruntled family member claiming a person is dangerous and crazy. The only protection here is the good judgement of a law enforcement officer, and good judgement seems to be in short supply. Now the real reason for registration becomes clear!

    Back to the Attorney General being able to block firearms purchases by individuals she deems likely terrorists/likely to engage in terrorist activities. To place something so important as individual gun rights in the hands of a shallow, dim, socialistic “yes person” like Loretta Lynch is laughable at best, reprehensible and terrifying on the other end of the spectrum. Our current anti gun AG, and the groups responsible to or working for her office, FBI/DHS/TSA have proven time and time again they are not going to catch terrorists, changing the definition of such to require overlooking Muslims, people of Islamic faith, and immigrants of all faiths and colors with a stated hatred of Americans, at the same time making moves to classify law abiding Americans potential terrorists. We have truly entered the period when right is wrong, up is down and black is white. And as I write this, I see that democrats in congress are still trying to pass gun control legislation, while republicans have gone home for recess. This is foreboding, because it potentially makes passage of anti gun legislation possible, while republicans can claim it was passed behind their backs, without their approval! Makes one wonder about the statement that dems are going socialist, the republicans are going slower!

  9. There is something wrong with the download of the book “Beyond Collapse”. If this is not a glitch in your system, then you have been HACKED by those wishing to shut you up.

    Write a follow up reply and I’ll get it. I really want to download that book.

  10. The right wing militia is something to be worried about because they believe in the Constitution, and the present administration is a communist group, that are the real terrorist and they have taken over from within.

  11. “This policy could have made areal difference in Orlando,” said Rep. Nita Lowey (D-N.Y.)

    Would someone please get a response from Rep. Lowey about HOW THE HELL THAT BILL WOULD HAVE HELPED????
    The shooter was not on ANY terrorist watch list, not on ANY no fly list. He was working as an armed security guard. This “great” bill would NOT have stopped him from buying any gun he wanted. All it would have done is stopped babies and Ted Kennedy (and maybe YOU?) from buying a gun! (Maybe a good idea for Kennedy?)

  12. Blah, blah, blah. They can write all the laws they want, it won’t matter. Most won’t give up their guns! It’s terribly obvious they/them are running scared – good! The most telling thing for folks should be that all of them are the terrorists – against us!

    Just do a quick search on how many (millions) of people got killed because their protections were taken away. If Americans allow it, the body count will add up quickly!


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