Home Security Basics You Should Always Keep in Mind

Home security alarm systems are designed to prevent break-ins, but modern systems can detect carbon monoxide and can protect your home and family from flooding and fires.

More so, a burglary on your home can cause long-term trauma and you should not allow it to happen to your family. Today, we look at the home security basics you should always keep in mind.


Avoid Posting Your Absence on Social Media


Social media has left a desire in most of us to keep up with the Joneses. Worse still, most social media users add a location to their posts and this mistake could cost you dearly.

With that said, avoid posting the period you will be away since burglars are now looking for their next targets on social media. They go to the extent of searching for keywords on Facebook to identify the people who are going away on vacation or trip.

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For example, a burglar could be tracking your posts, and they will look for your “check-ins” or geo-tagged locations to confirm your absence. Also, refrain from posting your holiday photos until you get home.


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Install Enough Lighting In and Around Your Home


Burglars love the cover of darkness in which they lie in wait for an ambush. To prevent this, ensure that every inch of your compound is lit. However, to save on your power bill, you could use motion sensors that will turn on the floodlights in case of an intruder.

It is also essential that you install digital timers to switch your lights on and off when you are away.


Secure All Entry Points


Most people always lock the front and back doors when leaving. However, most forget about the windows, pet doors, and garage door, side doors and others. Even if you are leaving to go down the street to walk the dog, ensure that you lock every entry point imaginable.

You should also have the sensors installed on all entry points. The chances are that the burglar will try an alternative entry point if they cannot get in through the front or back door. This also includes the windows on the upper levels of your home.


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Invest In Visible Home Security Camera Systems


Security camera systems are powerful burglar deterrents, and according to a recent study, 60% of the burglars will avoid a home with security cameras. Ensure that the camera systems are set up in a way that they do not have any blind spots.

Ensure that indoor cameras are visible from the outside and connected to a monitoring service. Better yet, you could also monitor the home from your smartphone and contact the authorities when necessary.


Be Careful Who You Let Into Your Home


Experienced burglars will first knock on your door when planning or attempting a break-in. Some pose as sales people, or someone looking to use your bathroom or phone. While inside, they will take mental notes of your valuables, and the easiest way to access your home.

To avert this, get a home security system with a front-door camera connected to your smartphone to see who is at the door. More so, always ask for an ID when accepting large deliveries before letting them in.


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Lock Down Your Wi-Fi Network


We live in a highly connected age, and it is common to install a wireless network in homes. However, your wireless network could allow burglars and criminals to access your financial and personal information.

More so, if your home security alarm system is part of your home automation system, an open Wi-Fi network could leave your home vulnerable to a break-in. Here is how to do it:

  • Enable Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) or WPA2 encryption
  • Secure your wireless router
  • Use a firewall
  • Install anti-malware and anti-virus protection on your devices
  • Create strong passwords

On top of this, your children are bound to go online for entertainment or to research on homework. Bullies and burglars are also lurking on the internet and could use your children to access your home without their knowledge.

You can find a variety of parental control tools that allows you to limit screen time and monitor their online activities.




Other than the above basics, ensure that you keep your compound clean and the trees and bushes trimmed. Prevention is better than cure, and taking steps to deter intruders is the best form of security.


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