Hocine Drouiche The Vice President Of All Imams In France Just Resigned… His Last Words Are A Big Warning To The World

Following the tragic attack in Nice, the Vice President of all Imams in France just resigned. His last words serve as a massive warning for the world.

Hocine Drouiche, Imam of Nimes, had some haunting words to share with the public.

“I announce my resignation and my rejection of these incompetent institutions that do nothing for the social peace and that they do not stop repeating that extremism does not exist , and is produced by the mass media,” Drouiche said.

Before resigning, Hocine had been elected to become Imam of the great mosque in Paris.

“I hope the imams in France this Friday will speak against hate and will talk about what happened in Nice,” he continued. “We will never move forward if we don’t understand that extremism lives inside our mosques. We as Muslims have not engaged ourselves in finding a solution against hate in our midst. I hope that Muslims will wake up in Europe.”

The Franco-Algerian imam rails against the silence of its counterparts and Muslim preachers at what he sees as a “terrorist attack“.

Islam today dehumanized

In July last year, already, in a speech during an interfaith meeting in Brussels on the persecution of Christians, he denounced “the fact that no imam had come to pray before the drafting of Charlie Hebdo or before the kosher supermarket. ” For him, “Islam is now dehumanized.”

“The absence of major concepts of ancient Islamic civilizations night Muslims today, supported Hocine Drouiche. Values such as dialogue, tolerance, reason and welcoming others have not stood the test of an Islamic literalism that separates friends from enemies of God, believers from unbelievers, Muslims infidels. In such an environment, the emergence of fanaticism was inevitable. ”

“Get out of your subject!”

For the imam, “the latest bombings in the West and in the Muslim world show how religious reform has become necessary for the continued existence of Islam and Muslims. Such events have shown the importance of this reform for world peace. ”

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Yesterday on Facebook, Hocine Drouiche reiterated its call to the French imams to “get out of their reserves,” recalling that if “Islam is innocent, it takes brave men to prove it.” A daunting task as, according to him, “it is now very difficult to differentiate Islam religious ideological Islam.”


You are my brothers or Muslim leaders ? A day full of meetings was nice with the victims’ families , interventions , peace and reconciliation speech but also condemnation of the shameful immobility more responsible musulmans. I’ve clearly requested their resignation because they fail to assume their historical responsibility in a very difficult time that our country is going through .

Two hours ago Hocine Drouiche announced on his Facebook timeline

Clarification: Dear (E) S FRIEND (E) S, I can only confirm that I haven’t resigned from the vice presidency of the council of Imams. We have suspended all our cooperation with the French Council of the Muslim religion which represents “officially” the French Muslims!

What do you think of Hocine’s words? Is this the closest we’ve come to an acknowledgment that Islam can be a dangerous religion?

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  1. 13350 513592Hi there! Do you use Twitter? Id like to follow you if that would be ok. Im undoubtedly enjoying your blog and appear forward to new posts. 540329

  2. To quote…he said: “Islam is now dehumanized.” Really….history declares it’s been that way from the beginning!

    The Prince of this world is now making his final bid for control and it will not come to a conclusion until the coming of the Messiah for the 2nd time or the 1st time depending on your point of reference.

    Remember in the middle of chaos do not be caught up in the hate, lies, and deceptions, God is in control.

  3. What is happening to France? Especially your stupid leader saying to live with terrorism? Some Frenchmen with real balls should punch this guy in the mouth.

    But lucky for him Frenchmen don’t seem to have any balls today.

  4. Muslims slaughtered their way into France 1300 years ago and have been killing and enslaving Western civilisation ever since wherever they can get away with it.

  5. can anyone say takia i know its spelled wrong so get over it its a disrespect to these animals the loveing emom was lieing his a$$ off and most likly does not want swing once the people of france have had enough of these animals…..

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