Harvesting Rainwater


There are two good reasons to harvest your rain water. Firstly if you are on a water meter you can drastically reduce your bill. Lets be realistic rates seldom go down. I know my council are about to change from a set rate to metering. Hence this article!


Secondly it’s great for the enviroment. Pumping water to your house uses up lots of energy. So does the all treatment and purification. If you can cut down on your mains water dependency than you will cut down your carbon footprint.

What can I use rainwater for?

Outside the house

  • Watering the garden
  • Car washing
  • Outdoor cleaning
  • Drinking water for animals

Inside the house

  • Flushing toilets,
  • Cleaning
  • Laundry

The water butt option

The cheapest and easiest option to install is the simple water butt. You’ll be able to buy this from your local DIY shop. It wont break the bank and it’s a great way tyo ease your reliance on the mains supply.

Basically you are collecting the rainwater from your roof. The water butt is attached to a down pipe which is attached to your guttering. This water will not be safe to drink but will be safe to use on your garden or for washing the car.

There are more expensive versions which incorporate a pump. This means you will have enough water pressure to use a hose pipe and beat any ban that may be in place. If you are interested in this option you’ll need to go to a specialist supplier.

The rainwater harvesting system

More expensive but more self sufficient. This works on the same principal as the water butt. Water is collecting from your roof and piped down to a container. The difference with this container is that it’s usually underground. It’s then pumped back into the house where it can be used for the washing machine, general cleaning and toilets.

It’s not recommended that you drink this water due to contaminants in the rain and on your roof. Think pesticides and bird poo! Some companies will provide you with a UV filter to kill off bacteria meaning you will be able to shower in rain water.

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