Descending Into A Guerrilla War: The Sides Are Being Drawn for the Coming Civil War

Since the revelations regarding the intrusiveness and the scope of Jade Helm, many now believe that this country is plunging head first into a state of revolution/civil war.

The Case for Civil War

How many of you believe that a planned currency collapse coupled with the implementation of a brutal martial law and gun confiscation will be the trigger events which will incite the coming revolution? This remains the leading candidate for the unfolding of a civil war. During an interview with Stewart Rhodes of Oathkeepers, he said that an economic collapse will set off the conflict and he also believes, as I do, that ISIS will wreak havoc in this country the midst of the chaos caused by the failure of the dollar. We both believe that under the cover of this chaos, we will see political dissidents extracted as per the intent of the Jade Helm exercise. It will be at this point, that the sides will be definitively drawn in the upcoming conflict.

Many of us in the Independent Media believe that this is the likely scenario that will very soon turn this country into the most dangerous country on the face of the earth. It might behoove us to look a little closer at the nature of revolution in order to predict where all of this is likely headed. Although I personally oppose the use of violence as a political tool, in the present political climate, I see no way to stem the tide of unthinkable brutality and violence which seems imminent. It is in this mindset that I set about to research the topic of revolution and this series of articles reflects the results of the research. And as a result of past and common patterns of revolution, it appears as if a clear picture is beginning to emerge and whether, or not, we choose to admit where Jade Helm will take us, the government is already practicing for what appears to be likely.


On March 27, under the auspices of DHS, Special Operations forces practiced political dissident extraction drills in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Many people took this as a personal declaration of war against the American people.

In an email from a forced Lt. General retiree, courtesy of President Obama, he provided some clues on where he believes the coming conflict is headed.

“…With modern antiaircraft systems (mobile and man portable) air power will be all but useless. What we will see is a ground war, city by city, street by street. Additionally what is coming will be unlike any civil war in history, it will be very personal, the government will call the Patriots forces terrorists and traitors, they will arrest, intern, torture and murder suspected terrorists families, this will result in bloody reprisals which will start a vicious cycle lasting for years”.

What kind of conflict is being described here? In order to answer that question, we must first examine the “Four levels of warfare”.

Four Levels of Warfare

Most military strategists identify four levels of conflict; (1) nuclear war is the trump card of all conflict; (2) conventional warfare; (3) guerrilla warfare; and, (4) terrorism.

It is safe to say that if our country does indeed descend into revolution, nuclear war will not come into play, for if it did, there would be nothing to rule over in the aftermath.

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The United States has already witnessed civil war of a conventional nature. In the 1860’s as two mighty armies of that era locked horns in what proved to be the conflict in which America suffered her greatest loss of life. In the Civil War, both sides had equivalent weaponry and as a result, employed conventional tactics.

Initially, the coming civil war could very well consist of one American unit facing off against another as we saw in the civil war. However, the losing side would quickly resort to the use of guerrilla warfare tactics.

At the present time and given the disparity of technology and resources between the people the globalist controlled forces of the government, a conventional war would prove to be a disaster for the rebel forces. The likely mode of the revolutionary war conflict facing the people of the United States is that it will consist of either guerrilla warfare or terrorism.

Guerrilla Warfare Or Terrorism?

Terrorism is the least preferred option by any insurgent group. With terrorism, there is absolutely no hope of final victory because territory is never occupied. For that reason, nobody aspires to engage in terrorism if they have a viable alternative and the American people do have a choice given how well armed we are. However, terrorism arising out of a defeated guerrilla force is a distinct possibility as it would represent American guerrilla’s fallback position should they be defeated. Subsequently, does the MIAC Report which labeled Libertarians, Constitutionalists, Second Amendment Supporters, Ron Paul Supporters, Veterans and now Christians as domestic terrorists, make a little more sense as to why DHS made these bold proclamations? DHS understands and has demonstrated their understanding of these facts and has also prepared for what I just wrote about in the previous paragraph.


The Veterans Administration estimates that there are approximately 21.5 million veterans living in the United States. We also live in a country with over 300 million privately owned guns. These combined factors point clearly to a guerrilla war being the preferred and necessary mode of combat which will likely be visited upon this country.

What Is Guerrilla Warfare?

Guerrilla warfare, for most of human history, is not new. Tribal war, which traditionally pits one guerrilla force against another, is the oldest form of warfare. The new “conventional” form of warfare, which pits guerrillas against “conventional” forces, is more recent as it arose in Mesopotamia 5,000 years ago.

Word of the day: Prepare! And do it the old fashion way, like our fore-fathers did it and succeed long before us, because what lies ahead of us will require all the help we can get. Watch this video and learn the 3 skills that ensured our ancestors survival in hard times of  famine and war.

The good news for future American freedom fighters is that guerrilla war has been getting more successful since 1945, but unfortunately guerrilla fighters still lose most of the time. An analysis of past conflicts featuring guerrilla war, reveals that only 25% of guerrilla forces, out of 443 such conflicts since 1775, were successful. The government prevailed almost 64% of the time with the remainder of the conflicts ended in a stalemate. Conversely, since the end of WWII, the percentage of success for guerrilla forces has indeed gone up to 39.6%. Yet that still means that government forces have continued to prevail 51% of the time. When the American people engage in a guerrilla war in the upcoming years, the people have less than a 40% chance of success. However, if some retired military leadership estimates are correct, a sizable number of U.S. troops will join the American people, this will greatly enhance the chances of success.

Length of Guerrilla Wars

Guerrilla wars are rarely short and as a result do not favor the American culture and our collective psyche of instant gratification. When Americans flip the switch on the wall, we expect the light to come on. Will Americans set aside their entitlements as well as their entrenched soft lifestyle and rise to the occasion? Only time will tell.

The Vietnamese culture with an external locus of control predominating the people where the group is more important than the individual is the perfect mindset for guerrilla fighters. This could prove to be the American rebels biggest challenge because guerrilla warfare is not something that one does like driving over a speed bump. It is a way of life, a very hard way of life filled with misery, extreme sacrifice and unspeakable losses.
Prior to WWII, guerrilla wars lasted an average of seven years. Following WWII, guerrilla conflicts lasted an average of 10 years. Will Americans embrace the tenets and sacrifices of guerrilla war and can it ever become a way of life? For this to happen, I believe that conditions would have to be unspeakably horrendous for America to embrace a conflict under these conditions. I think that things would have to be so bad, so completely genocidal, that fighting and dying would be the only viable alternative for America in order to embrace guerrilla warfare as a way of life. What I am saying here is that we are a very soft people. However, Jade Helm with the use of Special Operations Forces designed to extract “Red Listed” political dissidents, could push many Americans over the top.For my money, the best guerrilla fighters in the modern era were the Viet Cong in which Vietnamese people were involved in some form of guerrilla war from 1942-1975. After the Americans invaded Vietnam, the forces in the north had a saying, “born in the north, to die in the south.” There were nearly two generations of Vietnamese people in which war was an unavoidable part of life. What General Westmoreland and LBJ failed to recognize was that in order to defeat and totally subdue the Vietnamese people, the Americans would have had to have engaged in unspeakable genocide. Despite the fact that the US won every single battle of the war, the Vietnamese rebels were never going to give up. Do we Americans have that same tenacity to persevere like the Vietnamese?

How Close Is the Inevitable Conflict?

Successful guerrilla leaders such as Lawrence of Arabia, Mao, Castro and Giap all concur that there are three phases of any guerrilla war. However, before the phases can unfold there are two preconditions which must be met.

The first condition which is a prerequisite for guerrilla war, is based upon the fact that there has to be a decisive battle for the belief systems of the people as a whole. The globalists have invested billions of dollars in order to dominate the mainstream media. On the other side is the Independent Media. Both sides are vying for control of the belief systems of the country. Winning the hearts and minds of the people is critical to success. The Viet Cong understood this principle and the winner of the coming conflict is likely to be the one that can apply this lesson of history to modern times.

There are two very distinct ideologies playing out today in the court of public opinion. On one hand, the future rebels are adept at exposing the loss of national sovereignty and civil liberties every chance they get. Conversely, the globalist dominated media is spending billions of dollars to convince the masses that there is no such thing as a conspiracy theory and despite some governmental incompetence, the government loves and protects its people. And the globalists are being somewhat effective. Have you ever noticed that when you are describing a globalist inspired conspiracy such as what happened at Benghazi, and no matter how well documented your position is, that your audience frequently responds with the globalist-created mantra “You must be one of these conspiracy theorists?” Our facts are rarely attacked because they are accurate, but the idea of the existence of any kind of conspiracy is what is challenged. This kind of programming coming from the media is brilliant and effective. Who is winning this war of words? The jury is still out, but the unmistakable conclusion is that the ideological battle lines for the upcoming conflict have clearly been drawn.

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The globalists sell the sheep on the notion that we have to control you to protect you (from a threat of our creation), and the other side is saying “we will take our chances, give us freedom.”

The second precondition which must be met prior to descending into guerrilla war consists of both sides engaging in an arms race. In response to the Obama administration’s threat of seizing our guns for the false flag events of the Aurora Batman massacre and Sandy Hook, Americans went on a gun-buying frenzy which continues to this day. DHS has engaged in their own arms buildup as they have purchased 2.2 billion rounds of ammunition to go with 2700 new armored personnel carriers and that is not all. The federal government has invested in 30,000 drones, super soldier robots and intelligence gathering techniques which are mind-blowing.

In summary, the American people and their government have engaged in an arms race very similar in nature to two rival countries preparing to go to war.


The preconditions for armed conflict and the likelihood that the conflict will be guerrilla is very likely, but whether the American people would tolerate total enslavement in lieu of rebellion is very much in doubt.

Emerging from the discussion in the next part in this series is the discovery of the fact that there are three overlapping phases to guerrilla war and it will be a shocking surprise to all of us as to how far along this country is in relation to these three phases. All that is needed is the right trigger event (i.e. Jade Helm extractions) and that will be discussed in the next part as well.

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  7. Well…if you don’t want to sound like a conspiracy theorist, don’t come across as one.

    It’s a trend I’ve noticed that seems to have been appropriated from the UFO community – authors seem to be aware they sound like a nutter, but don’t quite know why. Or, really, I believe they do know why, but they have to maintain that crazy image and narrative of adversity while putting up with the local naysayers.

    I’ve hardly come across a “serious” book about UFO abduction that wasn’t also “well documented”, too. Though in that scene anyone generating material usually has to adhere to the already established mythologies and themes or their narrative isn’t accepted anyway (so much for those debunkers!).

    Well-documented essays about some globalist power body NWO stuff…cherry-picked another way, the evidence could be used to prove why the rainy season keeps me from walking my dog every day. “Quantitative” isn’t the same as “qualitative”.

  8. Well, I don’t know where to begin.
    1. Stewart Rhodes is no expert on anything and never was. I really appreciate the Oath Keeper Organization which he did a wonderful job of organizing, but beyond that he has no Geo-political or real conflict experience. This is one of the key points to my position. Our nation is full of experienced COIN, political insurgency and Counter Intelligence experienced operators, however, they are not the ones people listen to. People tent to listen to credentialed intellectuals and those who have built a reputation by knowing the right people.
    2. Guerrilla Warfare doesn’t even come close to describing the operational requirements for Political Insurgency, which is what we are facing right now. The Guerrilla warfare most of our people think of is stone-age compared to the asymmetric social/political battlefield of today. Militias can’t even operate in this environment except to provide basic security and some defensive roles.
    3. Modern surveillance will eliminate mobilization as the adversary has quick response mechanisms that can neutralize any threat from great distances.
    4. Preemption is our key strength and a solid Strategy with trained tactics that are applicable to modern Insurgency environments. If you don;t have this training you will accomplish little, but getting you and all around you incarcerated or killed.
    5. Preemption doesn’t mean attacking people will weapons. It means instigating local political/social movements that are aggressive to solidify all like minded and supportive elements and minimize local threats, giving you the best possible political/social control of your OE (operational Environment.)
    These things can be taught very quickly and can be learned by ardent and committed people who want to use their brain first and weapons later. This is the professional way.

  9. Pretty good article. Long, but understandable and engaging to the extent that it sends chills up and down one’s spine. I’m so hoping the Lord plans to take we believers out of here before the nitty-gritty stuff happens, but I still believe everyone of us will see much worse times than we are seeing now. This present time is just the tip of the ice-berg and things still aren’t what we would call unacceptable because martial law hasn’t been instituted yet and our paper money is still around (making it easier for day to day existence), howbeit for how much longer we cannot tell. All of this makes me wonder about the sanity of the powers that be who are over us. Why aren’t WE doing something to stop this? Why don’t the people have more power than the ones that are in office who are there directly because of our votes? Why are we so willing to state our opposition in words but not in action? As the article says, we will see what should have been done after everything has happened and when it is too late to do anything about it.…Sigh! So much more to say but I can encourage everyone to hunker down and prepare yourselves. And, may God help us all!!!!

  10. In the article I feel the author misses an important point which is a weakness of all the modern writers on the topic of guerrilla warfare. That point is why the touted success rate quoted today is relatively high against the reality that the success of a true guerrilla war is much, much closer to ZERO. Modern guerrillas are supported by an outside state. Yes, success is almost always the result of support from a major state player who has something to gain by overthrowing the current government so they supply the arms, ammunition, food, training and some direction for their clandestine involvement. In the US, the patriot will not have outside support unless offered by Russia [ouch]. So the patriot is on his own sitting in a cave or deep in the woods or mountains trying to manufacture salt peter and fashion spears. The insurgents are being brought into the US by the 100’s of thousands by the Counterfeit-in-Chief and being armed. The Chinese have brought in 10’s of thousands of weapons in container freight only 3% of which is inspected. This was actually shown on TV years ago and the arms dealer indicated he had brought in much, much larger weaponry. Now that they run Long Beach port facility [working force of 25,000 at one count] the door has been open for a very long time. Most I have met in the preparedness community are older individuals and vastly overweight. They can’t run, can’t jump, can’t fight. I have yet to see an under 30 age person. The youth energy, exuberance, drive needed is not available. The vaccinations, doctored/tainted food supply, estrogen mimicking plastic water bottles, a dysfunctional educational system, college programming like Yuri talks about and distracting electronics have virtually killed of this needed resource. Americans have only themselves to blame because they have lived the good life and been on vacation for 70 years. Things have been so good that there was no reason to be moral and waste energy on critical thinking. You could still try sack cloth and ashes. It worked once before. The enemy within that the .gov has trained and supplied will kill you. That is their plan. Die bravely.

    1. Well written Moxi. I am trained in counter guerilla insurgency, compliments of USMC, and if the patriots do not. have military backing, they must be prepared to die bravely. Seems, the generals and admirals, fired. by the commie have been silent, enjoying their pensions, over Country. A military coup with civilian elections to soon follow after, is the ONLY thing to save this sin sick Government and Country. ALL politicians have to go. ALL. This may include at the State level, further along. See you on the front lines, or wherever the buzzards fly.

  11. “On March 27, under the auspices of DHS, Special Operations forces practiced political dissident extraction drills in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Many people took this as a personal declaration of war against the American people.”
    Was that March 27 of 2015?

  12. On a side note i don’t know if you or the Oath Keepers were aware of the hit piece done on discovery I.D. channel trying to portray the Oath Keepers and militias as basically domestic terrorists? It was the first episode in a series i believe called Hate or Hate Crimes and their sole source for this hit piece was none other than the lefts SPLC which in my books is the real hate organization. It portrayed Oath Keepers going to Fergusson heavily armed to make a dangerous situation worse and never mentioned that they were asked by people living there to come and protect them. They also mentioned the Bundy ranch standoff again making them out to be the terrorists and tried to connect them to the 2 who were kicked out and went on to kill 2 cops in Nevada. It was all lies and shows the MSM is in bed with Obama to demonize real American patriots and Christians every chance they get. Incredible the treason in our country.

    1. There is a reason for the label other than the Regime creating a dissident status. The OKs and other more high profiler groups have not exercised appropriate Counter political Insurgency tactics which should have been employed more than 5 years ago, if not earlier.
      The Patriot movement is light years behind the curve and haven’t worked the Human terrain enough to gain the necessary public support even in small isolated areas where it would have been much easier to do.
      There is just to much testosterone flying around and positional pride which I see constantly. Until the Patriots reject this dysfunctional leadership, we will have no viable answer to the threat before us. This is a game of intelligence and an art of the mind, not pure guerilla warfare which is rather useless in most common forms today. We have a lot to learn and little time to do it.

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