Who Is Going To Be In Your Bunker? “What’s In Their Soul? Are They Empathetic?”

The question may be even more important than how much food and ammo you have stocked up, where you plan to retreat or how much money you have thrown into power generators and emergency utilities.

For preppers, the question is essentially important. Just as you can’t go advertising the supplies and contingencies you have carefully planned for, you can’t bunker up with just anybody.

Sad as it is, many neighbors and even family members will not be reliable partners in survival, and may not be trustworthy in a crisis either. At the same time, finding the right core group of people that can build a trusted community may be the only way to cover all the ground that must be covered in an aftermath or underground economy. The balance is very delicate indeed.

Not everyone will agree, but perhaps preparations and a similar mindset are not the only factors that will ultimately determine survival, and may prove to be less important that the types of people you will bunker down with. Will you survive with the kind of people you would actually want to live your life around?

Chris Duane of Silver Shield Exchange and Dunagun Kaiser of Reluctant Preppers discuss this pivotal question. It is a short but worthy conversation to consider:

Dunagun Kaiser explains:

“And that’s going to be really instrumental to the folks up here been getting a lot of prepping tips is that – and we’ve talked about that before – that networking with others that are in a community with mutual support, having the ability to really support each other from a life sustainability standpoint, whether it is local food producers, people who know how to repair and fix things, people who can help you with protection, if that’s necessary, that sort of thing.”

Chris Duane discusses his point of view about the character of the people you choose to trust and depend upon:

“Here’s another mistake that I think preppers or other people tend to think. They don’t need to see the world the way that you do. You don’t need to convince them that this is coming. And they could be completely blind about everything that we’re dealing with. You need to find what’s in their soul. Are they good people? Maybe they’re your local police officer. God knows I have enough people in the police and the military that are completely blind to all the things I talk about, but I know at the end of the day they would lay down their lives for me, because they’re good people.”

Word of the day: Prepare! And do it the old fashion way, like our fore-fathers did it and succeed long before us, because what lies ahead of us will require all the help we can get. Watch this video and learn the 3 skills that ensured our ancestors survival in hard times of  famine and war.


“Just because they’re kind of lost in the sauce, you can’t really blame them because all of humanity is really lost in the sauce. So you don’t really need to find the people who totally agree with you on what’s coming. Find the good people that are around you and really get to know them. Don’t try to convert them; they’ll come along, trust me, when the time is right. And even the people who do get what’s going on, I’m not so sure a lot of those guys aren’t psychopaths. I’ve know a lot of people inside the awakened community that I get creeped out even talking to them because of where they’re going. So, try not to do it on a who is prepped and who is not prepped; really try to find out what kind of soul, what kind of consciousness, what kind of morality… Are they family people? Are they empathetic? These are things I really think people should look for.”

Many of those who are aware politically and in preparedness may still lack the morals and ethics that you share and can rely upon. What if someone in your group tries to take over? Or take the power of life into their own hands? How well do you really know them?

At the same time, you can’t let everyone know about your preps, and you can’t count of decent people to remain decent when they become desperate in a crisis.

Are you prepared? Have you surrounded yourself with the right people?

lost ways

By Mac Slavo, SHTF Plan


4 Replies to “Who Is Going To Be In Your Bunker? “What’s In Their Soul? Are They Empathetic?”

  1. Laura you’re absolutely correct. Along with studying Louis Beam’s approach to survival I also urge the readers of this posting to read the book ‘Imperium’ published in 1949 by Francis Parker Yockey. I have also been studying Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ for many years now along with Marxs’ ‘Days Kapital’ in order to get a better understanding of the death struggle taking place within western civilization.

    The following men to me are the true immortals amongst us:

    Adolf Hitler
    Francis Parker Yockey
    George Lincoln Rockwell
    John Birch
    Henry Lamont Beach
    Richard Butler
    William Potter Gale
    Gerald L. K. Smith
    Wesley A. Swift
    Randy Weaver
    Robert Bolivar DePugh
    Matthew Hale
    David Lane
    Robert Jay Matthews
    Gordon Wendell Kahl
    Henry Ford
    David Koresh
    Timothy McVeigh
    William Pierce
    Norman E. Olson
    Robert Welch
    Arthur Julius Porth
    James P. Wickstrom
    Tommy Kersey
    David Duke
    Jeff Rense
    Brother Nathaneal

    As well as the honorable Louis Farrakahn and Pastor David Manning.

    Malcolm X also spoke quite openly about Shylock…

  2. I’ve seen more people shatter friendships once they’ve became neighbors of each other – most can’t even live w/themselves – keep it family w/possible townships – too many people these days are apathetic & would roast their grandmother for dinner!
    Just think of these goons who used our tax (&our other monies) who built these sub terrain mega plex’s – once they realize the system has been compromised they’ll literally freak out/wigout w/each other!
    Our household is going by the *BOOK, the Phoenix will Rise in Everlasting torment!

    *The Book – The Manual He gave us for life & Redemption has been replaced w/non sense – Daniel explained Nebuchadnezzar dream – the prophets wrote down the words God breathed – Revelation spells it out – only the Blood of God’s perfect lamb can Save – from here on out everything is going going a direction that’ll blow everyone’s mind’s – 99 percent have not a clue of how encompassing it will be – I’ve been around, most wouldn’t even survive half the stuff I’ve been through – no, not boasting, I’m writing in a humbling way – man has to turn back to the One who made this nation great – Ba’al knows nothing concerning Creations of good, he’s the Destroyer – This very well could be the last Call for Salvation that only Yeshua/Jesus Gift of Awesome Eternal life – There are only 2 future’s & every individual has to make – please choose Christ Jesus now – man can take our lives, only the Lord can do both body & spirit – very serious

    **Daniel’s 70th (one week of years/7 yrs) week begins shortly – surviving by going underground will be nothing but a coffin, Scripture tells us that the rich that may survive the sub terrain tombs will be desperately seeking high ground – the whole earth will be convulsing!
    ***Most people don’t understand the problems that go on for the deep earth mega plex’s – no different when the Capitalist, bankers etc right after the 1906 San Francisco quake conned people to stay & come – man can be very foolish – I’m not saying not to prep, I’m saying theirs more to life than this vaporous existence here on earth!
    I’m saying this out of love, as He loves us in a much greater (agape) way.

    #Scripture is God Breathed Words of Life which were written down by man/prophets – It’s a book w/no flaws – only those who god is Sa’tan or hate the ways of God do have an agenda – nothing, absolutely nothing new under the sun – same o’l crapioaker from the adversary using the same old garb via generations!


  3. I plan on bunkering- hunkering down with hubby and the cat period. Then when things cool down after the die off, the real folks will emerge in the resistant movement. Please folks go to: leaderlessresistance by Louis Beam which will give simplistic instructions for resistance fighters and logistics folks. Eventually, you will know who is who. But for now, stay low key and quiet about your plans. There will have to be logistics and fighters to resist the NWO/UN freaks.

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