Emergency Evacuation Checklist


Time is of the essence when an emergency evacuation is concerned. You may only have a matter of minutes to escape your home, and if you aren’t prepared, then crucial information and supplies could be left.


Whether you are evacuating due to a wildfire or hurricane, having a checklist to run through will keep things organized and running smoothly so you can evacuate swiftly.


Before You Leave


 Fill your gas tank


 Charge your mobile phone


 Take cash, checkbooks and credit cards


 Take a back-up of your hard drive or computer files


Get a map of your emergency route and have a plan B in case the original route is blocked


 Identify stopping points on your emergency route (gas stations, restaurants, etc.)


 Contact your emergency contact


 Take your 72 Hour Kit


Evacuation Disaster Kit


Have These Items Inside the Car:


 Emergency phone numbers


 Drivers license or ID card


 Insurance information


 Updated pictures of all family members




 Money and credit cards


 Proof of residence (utility bill, home deed, etc)


 Prescriptions or medication




 Mobile phone charger or car adapter


 Food and drinks (extra water just in case)




 Things to keep children busy (puzzles, books, drawing pad and pencils)


 Papertowls in case of a spill


If You Have Not Prepared a Vehicle 72 Hour Kit, At Least Have These Items In The Trunk:




 Clothing for the season


 Toiletries (toilet paper, soap, razors, etc.)


 First aid kit




 Paper products


 Tool kit




 Disaster food supply


 Battery operated radio


 Papertowls in case of a spill


 10 gallons of gasoline

By Tess Pennington, Source

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