Dr. Jim Willie: Due to Illuminati Rothschild’s, US War is Needed With Russia

In the following interview, Dr. Jim Willie joins Sheila Zilinsky for the first time to talk about the chaos happening in global markets these days. To begin the interview, Zilinsky asks Dr. Willie almost sarcastically if he believes the U.S. is so desperate, that we might start a war with some of the BRICS nations, naming Brazil as an example. Considering how it’s her first interview with Dr. Willie, I’m not so sure she was ready for the response she got…

Dr. Willie goes on to talk about something he has discussed at great length in past interviews, which is that the U.S. is doing everything it can to provoke Russia into a war. Why? Because that is the only thing that has the potential to save the U.S. Dollar. Granted, it might kill 200,000,000 Americans, but at least those of us left wouldn’t have to deal with a worthless Dollar right? [eyes rolling].

While it’s never explicitly said, the thought process of U.S. officials is most likely that if the U.S. did go to war with Russia, even a nuclear exchange, it’s worth the risk. If a Russian nuclear weapon did get detonated inside the United States, at least it would incinerate anyone near it. Americans STILL have no concept of how god awful our lives will become here in the U.S. when we lose the World Reserve Status. That same number of people might very well die, but instead they’ll all die very slowly, or by angry local mobs over food and necessities… kind of like Venezuela, that country Bernie Sanders wants to model after….

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The problem (or one of many problems anyway) with that particular strategy, is that because of all the oil and gas contracts between Russia and China which are ultimately going to be what kills the Dollar, if we pick a fight with one, we’re picking a fight with both… and given the horribly repeated shape of our military, is there anyone who believes we could win that war? We’ve been fighting an enemy with sandals and no planes or tanks for a decade, and how’s that working out for us?

Do you think we’re in any condition to take on Russia, China, or BOTH? Never one to pull punches, and one of the very few economists to acknowledge that the New World Order is VERY real, Dr. Willie goes on to explain how the blame should be with the Rothschild’s. They didn’t take it very well when Putin kicked them out of Russia, and that was ultimately what kicked off this slowly simmering World War III scenario that began in Ukraine.

Eventually Jim moves past politics and gives his outlook for gold and silver, and as you’ve come to expect from a Jim Willie interview, it’s always jam packed with excitement. On a more positive note, how about 15 reasons why gold might hit $5,000 an ounce soon after?

Gold prices over the past several weeks have taken a hit. They are down roughly seven percent from their highs made in early May. Should this be a sign of worry? No; more upside could be ahead.

In fact, there are 15 reasons why gold prices are undervalued and big gains could be ahead.

1. Central banks around the world continue to buy the precious metal despite gold prices being well below the highs made in 2011. Know this: they are not buying it for speculative purposes. They are buying to hedge their reserves and they will need more.

2. Those central banks that already have gold—they are hoarding it.

3. Central banks around the world continue to engage in policies that have failed over and over again—low interest rates and money printing to name just two. Remember that gold is a great hedge against currency devaluation.


4. Government debt around the world has reached an unprecedented level. It’s hard to believe that there aren’t more countries like Greece.

5. As we approach the U.S. presidential election, the status quo is being questioned.

6. The global economy continues to struggle. Major economic hubs are struggling to show any growth. China, Japan, Russia, Australia, the eurozone, the U.S., Canada, Brazil, and many other nations are reporting growth rates that are just outright dismal. (Recall that gold is a hedge against all of this uncertainty.)

7. The Chinese economy could collapse. Remember that China is the second-biggest economy in the world; if its economy falls, it could have dire effects on the global economy.

8. The derivatives market has ballooned since the financial crisis, thanks to low interest rates. Roughly $700 trillion worth of derivatives are outstanding. With interest rates uncertainty ahead, one or two bad trades could decimate the whole financial sector.

9. China is building a man-made island in the South China Sea. This has many concerned about what could be next. The U.S. isn’t too happy about this. Could the U.S. and China go head-to-head?

10. The Middle East continues to see problems. Terrorism in the region still remains a major concern. Could this turn into something big?

11. The demand for gold bullion from India and China remains solid. In the first quarter of 2016, India consumed 116.5 tonnes of gold and China consumed 241.3 tonnes. (Source: “Gold Demand Trends Q1 2016,” World Gold Council, May 12, 2016.)


12. Demand for the precious metal remains solid elsewhere in the world as well. In the first quarter, demand for gold in the U.S. increased by 21%.

13. Exchange-traded products, which sold massive amounts of gold in 2013, are starting to buy once again. In the first quarter of 2016, they purchased 363.7 tonnes of gold bullion. Quarter-over-quarter, this figure increased well over 300%.

14. Gold producers remain suppressed. Surely gold prices are up about 15% year-to-date, but they are still too low for many to produce profitably. Gold grades in the ground are low and costs to extract from the ground continue to increase.

15. Gold discoveries have plummeted. According to Goldcorp Inc. (NYSE:GG), in the early 90s, well over 100 million ounces of gold were discovered. This figure has dropped to below 25 million in recent years. (Source: “Latest Presentation,” Goldcorp Inc., last accessed May 31, 2016.)

Long-Term Gold Price Outlook

Dear reader, don’t for a second believe these are the only factors making a strong case for higher gold prices ahead. There are many more that suggest the same.

I will be bold here and say this: looking at all that’s happening around the world, $5,000 gold prices seem like a real possibility. Here’s what you should also know: I don’t expect the gold price to hit $5,000 right away. It will take time, and I bet there’s going to be an uphill battle to the upside.

Nevertheless, gold price bears beware!

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5 Replies to “Dr. Jim Willie: Due to Illuminati Rothschild’s, US War is Needed With Russia

  1. Yeah, we are so naive to believe this story.
    Russians, Chinese and Americans are collaborating… have always talked to each other and will always make deals behind closed doors.
    There are no provocations, threats, treachery between those military powers.
    It’s all prearranged in advance.

    Gold peddling…
    I call this article bs.

    1. Remember back before the last “election” O’Bummer got caught on an open mic, and he said to some Russian diplomat, “…tell Putin to wait until I get re-elected, I’ll have more leverage then”. That is paraphrased, but it gave the impression that they had some secret little scam going. I also suspect that they are keeping the “strategy of tension” going, so that we will always need to spend trillions on the military, instead of on the betterment of mankind. I remember when I was a kid in the 50’s and 60’s, my dear old Dad, Gawd rest his bones, would sit around with my uncles etc, and talk about how the Cold War was just a scam to siphon off money to the MI Complex. They were even suspicious of the “surprise attack” that caused them to run to the recruiting office the next day. My younger uncle was 14 and ran away from home and lied about his age. They were beginning to feel like suckers back then. And even back then, my Dad was always afraid of a economic collapse that would make the Depression look like peanuts. But, despite the fact that total ruination has not yet come, it is very possible that it will. God help us if it does, but it is always good to be as prepared for it as you can get. Beans, Bullets, & Bullion…that’s me !

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