DIY: Aquaponic System, For Your Organic Food In Hard Times!

I have found some very nice videos that I want to share with you along with some tips regarding the aquaponic systems. If you did not hear until now about this concept of growing very high quality and 100% organic vegetables and fresh fish in your own backyard, I invite you to read more about  this here, or Living Food Bank

In this first video we can see a full functional aquaponics system at Sand Creek Farm in central Texas, a CSA that grows food using the amazing power of aquaponics!

How to build your own aquaponic system

Aquaculture is the symbiotic cultivation of plants and aquatic animals in a re-circulating system. In this video you will see how easy it is to build your own system on a budget. You are Organically growing your own vegetables all year round in reduced time.
This system can run with or without fish in your system, but I strongly suggest the use of fish instead of using Ammonia, this way you don’t have to add ammonia every day and you can harvest the fish as well.
This is also an entry system for those Preppers out there.

Parts used in this  video tutorial:

2 275G IBC Totes
1 Rio+ 2100 Water Pump
Mason Blocks (if needed)
40 25lbs Pea Pebble Rock (Gravel)
20′ 3/4″ PVC
2 3/4″ PVC Ball Vavles
2′ 4″ ABS Pipe
2′ 2″ ABS Pipe
misc 3/4″ 90’s
drain pan adapter’s

In this last tutorial fish are added to the tank. They are using Tilapia because they  are more tolerant of water temperature changes. More types of fish that can be grown in aquaponic systems in this article

For a better and more comprehensive tutorial (along with some very important to have bonuses) I suggest this aquaponic guide. It is a very economic system, with a refund guarantee

As you can see this system can be entirely self sufficient. With an alternative power generator you can go off the grid and grow your 100% organic food all year round no matter what. For that I can advise you to take a look at this video. Liberty Generator, a generator that does not require fuel to generate electricity and even gas and heat, it works even with grass and dead leaves.



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