CDC Warns! Now Is The Time To Prepare: “It’s Only A Matter Of Time…”


The brand new story excerpted below from the CDC (Centers of Disease Control) via The Examiner may be our final warning; NOW is the time to prepare. The CDC has just issued a 6-page checklist covering everything from quaranting the infected to using buddy system for health care workers across the country when dealing with the potential spread of Ebola across America. “It’s only a matter of time until the virus hits home” we are warned. What does the CDC know that we don’t know? Was this virus man-made, by our own government, as claimed by the biggest newspaper in the Ebola-stricken country of Liberia?

Videographers Ricky Scaparo and Alex Jones break down this story, and a potential Ebola outbreak across America, in the newly released videos below. The CDC is clearly getting health care workers prepared; how prepared are you?


Plan for regular situational briefs for decision-makers, including:
– Suspected and confirmed EVD patients who have been identified and reported to public health authorities.
– Isolation, quarantine and exposure reports.
Supplies and logistical challenges.
– Personnel status, and policy decisions on contingency plans and staffing.
The checklist has been distributed to major hospitals and even little ones, including an urgent center in Leesburg, Va.



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