If The Apocalypse Strikes, Understand This: No U.S. City Can Feed Itself

In times of peace and relative tranquility, when the civil society is still functioning at something close to normal, American cities can still be dangerous, as evidenced by higher-than-normal crime and murder rates that are actually rising in many localities.

What’s more, the hustle and bustle of trying to earn a living, manage home life and raise our families tends to dull our senses as we push aside consideration of things that we currently take for granted. Like having enough food and water on a daily basis.

But when civil society breaks down for whatever reason – a cyber , an an electromagnetic pulse event stemming from a nuclear attack or a major solar flare, or just a jury verdict that sets off a major portion of the population – know that the local bodega, market or grocery store usually has only enough food on hand to last a couple of days, at best.

“Cities are, by their very nature, dependent on the importation of food. The advent of just-in-time delivery systems to our grocery stores means that most cities would run out of food within a week if supplies were for some reason disrupted,” says a post at The Prepper Journal.

Just imagine for a moment if the entire country was affected by some event that disrupted the food logistics chain – which nearly happened in Greece recently as that country’s financial crisis teetered on the edge of disaster earlier this year.

Because of the country’s debt crisis, Greek leaders decided to shut down the country’s entire banking system for a week, during which time citizens were limited in how much money they could withdraw from their own accounts, as reported by Natural News.

But what also happened was that the shutdown of the banks affected cash flow for Greek importers and exporters, and that included imports of food.

What would you do? What could you do?

This “scenario” video will help you understand what you’re up against:


Source : www.bugout.news

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  2. Listen up out there you have to obtain some land 1/4 to 10 acres what ever you can alford away from the large cities for a safe retreat in case should something happen. Along with a 5×8 cover pull trailer. Prefilled with supply’s to carry you and family over in case hard times. So if it does go down you only need to hook up the trailer and be rolling on the road way ahead of the pack herd in 20 min or less.

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