Adventure Guide: 4 Tips to Surviving in the Wilderness for a Long Period of Time

If you find yourself in the wilderness for an extended stay, whether by design or by accident, you can ensure your safe return to civilization if you remain calm and stay alert to the opportunities around you. Most environments offer a number of items that can be used for basic needs, but you may have to get creative to find and utilize them. Here are some of the essentials items you will need to survive in a wilderness situation.

Find or Create Adequate Shelter

The rules of threes for outdoor survival says that you can only survive for three hours without warmth. Your most pressing need is to find or devise some kind of shelter to provide some warmth and shelter from the wind. You may be able to use objects you have with you for your shelter, such as pieces of equipment or a blanket. However, if these are not available, you should look for branches, fronds or other materials, such as long sticks and smaller sticks to create a lean-to against a stump or trunk to provide shelter.

Manage a Clean Water Supply

You can survive for up to three weeks without food, but you can only survive for three days without water. If you have water with you, make a plan to limit your water usage to last as long as possible. Look for water sources in the environment, in nearby streams, in puddles or from rainwater that drips down nearby foliage. If you can build a fire and boil it, you’ll be safe from water-borne illness.

Scout out Possible Food Sources

Although you can survive for weeks without food, you should inspect your environment for possible food sources. Examine nearby trees and plants for edible fruit or nuts. See if you can locate snails or slugs along the ground. Check streams for the availability of fish or other creatures. Take notice of birds or small animals that inhabit the area.

Conserve Your Communications Ability

If you have a method of communication with you, such as a two-way radio, you will have to conserve your power to ensure that you can continue to communicate until you are located. Your company may want to purchase an onsite business radio. Avoid overuse of the device. Keep your calls for help short and include your location as accurately as possible. Turn off the device during the night hours. Try to keep the radio from becoming wet, which could damage the components. A high-quality mobile communications radio made for extended outdoor use should be part of your equipment whenever spending time outdoors. Look at local companies such as Altech Electronics.

Surviving a long period in the wilderness requires a certain frame of mind. You must marshal your energy carefully to withstand the unexpected situations that often occur. If you implement these four strategies, you will be able to maintain your condition for an extended period of time.

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