9 Things What We Must Do When Facing Martial Law

It is time to get serious.  Martial Law is the system of rules that become reality when the military takes over the regular administration of justice in a land.  That is to say, facing Martial Law means the “suspension” of the Constitution.  Curfews, rationing of basic goods, enforced relocation’s, confiscation of firearms and supplies, and summary arrest/execution by soldiers and paramilitary police wielding assault rifles.

Now you have seen scenarios on the news, on commercials, and maybe they all seem like crap to you.  However, working in this business, I have many connections, and I have seen with my own eyes officers training for this kind of procedure.

In 2014 the U.S. Army has built a 300 acre ‘fake city’ complete with a sports stadium, bank, school, and an underground subway in order to train for unspecified future combat scenarios. While the city was ostensibly built to prepare U.S. troops for the occupation of cities abroad, some will undoubtedly fear that the real intention could be closer to home.

According to Colonel John P. Petkosek, “This is the place where we can be creative, where we can come up with solutions for problems that we don’t even know we have yet….This is where we’ll look at solutions for the future–material solutions and non-material solutions…anything from how you’re going to operate in a subterranean environment to how you dismount a Humvee to avoid an IED strike.”

In 2012, an academic study about the future use of the military as a peacekeeping force within the United States written by a retired Army Colonel depicted a shocking scenario in which the U.S. Army is used to restore order to a town that has been seized by Tea Party “insurrectionists”.

The study dovetailed with a leaked U.S. Army manual which revealed plans for the military to carry out “Civil Disturbance Operations” during which troops would be used domestically to quell riots, confiscate firearms and even kill Americans on U.S. soil during mass civil unrest.

Word of the day: Prepare! And do it the old fashion way, like our fore-fathers did it and succeed long before us, because what lies ahead of us will require all the help we can get. Watch this video and learn the 3 skills that ensured our ancestors survival in hard times of  famine and war.

The manual also describes how prisoners will be processed through temporary internment camps under the guidance of U.S. Army FM 3-19.40 Internment/Resettlement Operations, which outlines how internees would be “re-educated” into developing an “appreciation of U.S. policies” while detained in prison camps inside the United States.

Back in 2013, former Navy SEAL Ben Smith warned that the Obama administration is asking top brass in the military if they would be comfortable with disarming U.S. citizens, a litmus test that includes gauging whether they would be prepared to order NCOs to fire on Americans.

Unfortunately, it is just a matter of time.  Hopefully, you are reading this before facing MARTIAL LAW is imposed, and hopefully, you are reading this while you are still nominally under Constitutional Law, so as to appreciate the opportunities you currently have not only to protect yourself and yours but to attempt to stop all of this from ever happening.

So what to do?

1. Never take the government’s word at face value—except when they tell you that they will kill you.  Government and its components of career politicians, bureaucratic vermin, and their agents of enforcement have survived on illusion and lies, and for a lot longer than you would think.  It is the very nature of the job; being part of an empire wrapped in the cloak of American political traditions of Freedom, that corrupts.  All that power, attracts the most venal along with the most patriotic to defend America.  All that license under ever mutable law written by money lovers to lie, steal, embezzle, blackmail, extort, poison, torture, enslave, murder.  Is it any wonder then that such people would get together and work “the system” to set themselves up as kings, dispensing with the pretty coverings of Constitutional limitations that trip their crimes like a prom dress?  They take as much as they can, while keeping you asleep, as you let yourself be seduced and put asleep by their fellow travelers in the media and corporate boardrooms.

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2. Keep your mouth shut!  Do not tell anyone anything that could get you in trouble.  Assume anything can get you in trouble, because it probably will.  Especially with any government official, but anyone looking to gaining a favor with the state can and will snitch on you.  The person who would sell you out for his thirty pieces could be:

• A small businessman looking for a in with the state so he can make money a little easier.

• A former friend who is looking to get some revenge.

• Someone desperate for even some food.  Times are tough and will get tougher.

3. Any authority figure is the enemy!  Unless you are waging a war of liberation-gathering intelligence or spreading disinformation or infiltrating-have no relation with nor voluntary contact with any soldier, police officer, bureaucrat, or anyone in authority in private life cooperating with MARTIAL LAW.  Assume they are all liars, con artists, hustlers, thieves, and sellouts.  Same goes to any fellow travelers in big business; they and government have been in the same bed for centuries.  Stay away from them as much as possible.  Tell them lies.  Do not do any business with them.  Unless they are sticking a gun in your face do not even acknowledge that they exist.  Shun them, their family, and any sycophants that fawn over them for a few favors.

4. Your personal survival is more important than obeying any dictate!  If government prohibits you from having an item that helps you survive, get the item.  If government prohibits you from having extra food, medicine, guns, then you should CACHE your prohibited items in a place where they cannot easily be found.  Use your imagination.  One idea is to store “whatever” in seal tight waterproof containers in remote wooded areas, known ONLY TO YOU!

Firearms are metallic; metal detectors can detect them unless you store them deep underground or in a place they will not think of looking right away, like sealed in wider metallic tubes, away from your property.  In addition, if you by chance acquire or keep firearms knowing how to use them (sight alignment, trigger squeeze) and reloading ammunition will be mandatory.  If you have never used a gun before, to use a gun, first find the proper ammunition for it.  After loading, pointed end forward, the ammo into the magazine, cylinder, or chamber load the weapon.  On semiautomatic pistols, if you lock the slide—that moving part on top—back, there is a small lever on the left side of the gun.  Push on it and it will close.  Otherwise you will have to pull the slide back yourself.

Pistols are concealable, rifles and shotguns are for starting a fight.  Shotguns you load from a port on the underside, behind the fore stock or it breaks open.  Rifles come in several varieties: single-shot, pump, bolt-action, automatic, and feed from the chamber, an internal magazine or has a detaching magazine.  The rifle you want first and foremost is an automatic rifle in a military common caliber.  That coupled with proper marksmanship transforms you from a victim to a freedom fighter.

5. While keeping the above rules in mind, help-out those who are resisting!  They, unlike you, have decided that there is nothing to lose.  Therefore, they deserve anyone’s help who is willing to risk their lives.  Do you think MARTIAL LAW is going away on its own?  Those bastards in black will have a sudden change of heart and do something worthwhile for a change and not oppress you?  At the very least: have extra food, water for resistance fighters, basic medical supplies, ammo caches (hint, these should be concealed).

Those who fight will need to keep hidden, yet to be able to communicate with fellow fighters.  You can be an intermediary.  If you have skills, like welding, machine tools, chemistry, you can make weapons, ammo, other things the resistance needs.  If you have inside information, share it.  If you have videography experience, tools, make how-to videos on resisting the theft of your freedoms.

If you have medical training, set up an underground hospital.  Not all patriots can or should pick up a rifle and blow a traitor’s head off.  By uniting in common cause with all one has to offer the traitors can be defeated, and Freedom restored to the land.  If you are not at least giving aid to those helping to liberate you, forget this article and go back to being a victim of government oppression.

6. With the utmost care develop a survival network.  This is a group of people with skills and/or resources that can help each other in areas that they would be lacking were they left on their own.  It could be anything from extra food, medicine, repair parts, fuel, and transportation, whatever.  In any given neighborhood you can have machinists (weapon makers), medical personnel, drivers (good knowledge of local roads), and gardeners (agriculture knowledge-base).  Petty bureaucrats secretly opposing martial law are prime candidates to spy, steal, or commit sabotage.

Computer technicians can hack government systems and create surveillance systems and guidance packages for missiles.  Construction workers can build secret rooms to hide anything from an arms cache to a secret factory.  People in the media can smuggle cameras and work with computer techs to bug enemy meetings, and produce freedom media that documents successful means of resisting.  Salesmen can “borrow” merchandise from their stores for use, anything and everything is useful.  Especially useful will be disgruntled cops and militaries that can provide everything from Intel on raids to weapons to training.  Keep the numbers of your group “small”: smaller cells are more difficult to penetrate by enemy agents and professional snitches.  Keeping that in mind, a means of communication independent from wiretapped phones and audible eavesdropping devices you must develop amongst yourselves.

Runners can be an athlete or a kid on a bike.  They can carry small packages, or notes with a handy breakable vial of flammable liquid if discovered.  With a sealed packet of potassium chlorate taped to it, the gasoline will automatically ignite; otherwise, you must actually light that incriminating evidence.  A mail drop can be a home, a hollowed out tree trunk, a hole in the ground, an open fence pole, anything.  Just be sure it is discreetly out of sight of surveillance.

If God is really blessing you, someone of your group will be a smart survivalist.  This will be an exceedingly rare breed, because although most in this group were smart enough to prepare for the collapse to begin with, they were not smart enough to avoid detection of their awareness and distrust of government.  They signed form 4477 registration forms for their firearms, used credit cards and checks for their weapon and ammunition purchases, registered for weapons permits, or registered themselves with gun clubs and shooting organizations.  These people more than likely got swept up in pre-dawn raids or got blasted resisting.  The smart survivalist prepared-and kept his mouth shut about those preparations.  He or she never signed federal permit forms for purchases or carry license.  He or she presented an “average American” profile or totally disappeared.  Get or find one in your group and you will have a literal treasury of know-how and resources to survive, maybe even start taking back a little?

7. Avoid government monitoring and control.  Know where the cameras are and how to avoid them.  Know who patrols where, and what routine they follow to avoid contact.  Know your snitches and always feed them but, if you cannot, then, avoid them.  Find ways around checkpoints.  Side streets, forest paths, neighbor’s yard, railroad tracks, tunnels; whatever necessary to getting from point A to point B without a pack of government troops searching you, checking your ID.  I cannot and will not go into detail; how you find your way will be up to you.

9. Find a way you can successfully resist.  Probably not with guns or bombs, but there are plenty of ways you can monkey-wrench the basic functioning of the state during MARTIAL LAW.  If you work for the state, you have plenty of opportunities to mess things up.  However, the government subcontracts even private firms.  You know who is just earning a paycheck, who is backing this war against the people, and who is getting off on “just following orders.”  If you can take action, great, concentrate most of your planning on getting away with the job.  Otherwise, get contacts with Patriots and be the most reliable source of intelligence you can be.  Every bit of drag on the government beast helps, perhaps in botching that paperwork, breaking that surveillance camera in disguise, or misdirecting that bureaucrat or soldier cop.  That act might be the beginning of a butterfly effect of bringing down the state of MARTIAL LAW and restoring Freedom to our nation.  Always keep that in mind.  You must find your own way, but find it you must, if you want back what the government stole from you!

lost ways


By Dr. Bob, Before Is News



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  3. Savvy commentary ! I Appreciate the information , Does anyone know where my assistant would be able to grab a template a form copy to complete ?

  4. I have many skills to offer. As does my husband. How do I find a survivalist that has the right knowledge when they never tell anyone? How can I trust anyone to join our group when they may just be bad? I’m not afraid(much) but a bit of advise would be helpful. I live in the worst possible area for survival. Southern California is NOT optimal. So many questions. Hard to ask in a public forum without looking like an ignorant person. Which I’m not, but dang… Lol help!

  5. The courts are operated by BAR (British Acredation Registered) esquires of the crown. Common law is the only law under which “all men are created equal” and entitled to equal treatment under the law. Private corporate courts are administering the trust (now revoked) for all persons (not men and women who incidentally have all been pledged along with all the land for the national debt). That is why you never get a fair hearing. Attorneys represent the person… not you. In the republic, we are all “sovereigns without subjects” but in the corporation…. just persons… and when you get an attorney… you are considered to be incompetent and become a ward of the court to be dealt with as they see fit… that is rarely in your best interest… well let’s be frank.. it is NEVER in your best interest!

    1. The US courts and judicial system and BAR is a complete JOKE! It’s same as Obama. A JOKE also. So we may as well NOT even have them since they’re run into the ground the way they have been my whole adult life and I still don’t have so much as one felony conviction against me. But they said I was mentally ill. Then in 2010 I had a head judge look at me and said,”he looks well enough to me if he wants to represent himself PROSE then I’m going to let him because that’s his right he said. lol. Then on my PCRA I filed that head judge didn’t want to deal with me and he didn’t even ask me but assigned a paid for attorney outside his own prison court DA’s office where free attorneys came from and shared that whole same office and building complex at 666 Walnut street Easton PA is three court and prison and DA and court appointed attorney all connected right in that same building complex. A JOKE. And then I get some fatso who doesn’t look like he’s had one day of nurse training drooling over me to take my blood. I asked him who he was and what was title,office or position. And he relied,”I’m duly deputized. I’m member of the FOP local police department but tonight I’m working for the DA’s office. And he was in my blood draw room with me asking me to consent to having my blood taken by him. I was like awww HELL NO!!! I got to talk to my lawyer first!

      Yeah so that’s how the BAR of Lawyers treated me. And I gave them all best I had at that time right back,right to their faces and right up there with me above the BAR also!!! haha
      Because the worst that’s going to happen when your me is your going to crap your pants or your accused standing before you is going to crap their pants. Or everybody is going to crap their pants all together in synchronicity. lol!!!

      I think pretty soon we might just have to start taking our own prisoners and holding our courts and carrying out our own penalties. Under video tape of each one so it’s all documented very clearly that we were at least trying to give our accused some degree of law and order and justice more then they were willing to do for us in their offshore bank run courts of ours because they’re still on our American soil. Oh and I’m no longer seen by anyone as Corporation. That was put in my PCRA and notarized also. So none can ever come for me like they did before. So it’ll be a death squad next time is all. And that’ll turn into quite a blood bath for someone other then me because God still has plans for me in the here and now earth side.

      So it sure sucks to be them British and Banks from hell and all those worthless lemmings groveling and pandering to them!

      Remember this one?
      “Oh what tangle webs we weave when first we practice to deceive”. And Deceive they sure do. They are MASTERS of DECEPTION!!!
      Who do that quite diabolically well in fact I must admit.

      It’s ALL fraud. it’s ALL a complete JOKE,HOAX,CON and GAMBIT.

      “The whole world lies in the power of the evil one”. Except person,place and thing God has claimed for himself and either taken them out of this world by His Word and Spirit. And or also left them in this world to do the mighty (Daniel biblical exploits=Heroic remarkable deeds) work of GOD before us which we we’re called to do in LIGHTING the Way for ALL Humanity to come out of or through this all as best and safest and most intact and most blessed as supernatural possible only in Jesus Christ and by His Divine Guidance. And because the needs of the many far outweigh the needs of the elite few and 1%.

      1. Oh that is typical… they try to claim you are mentally ill or incompetent when they find out that you are actually TOO competent for them to “con-vict” as in con their victim!

        If you have established that you are not the person, they can’t harm you. God’s people do not have to resort to violence… just leave it to God who will protect you with the wisdom of his spirit. Remember…. ” For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places”. This is why you absolutely never need to resort to violence… nothing has ever been solved by violence and it never will solve anything. God has the solution of his own… rest in faith of the truth of that.

        Just as an aside, the person is their property and if you agree to be the person (legal fiction), you are agreeing to be their property in which case they can do whatever they like with their property. If you have or had a drivers license (even though hardly anyone actually “drives” because that is a commercial activity not a private one… only those who operate a motor vehicle for paid or in commerce need a license for that activity… private people are free to travel unmolested. But anyway… almost everyone has a drivers license because you can’t do much without one. Then when a Cop pulls you over and looks at drivers license….then he looks at you and says “is this you?” Not always but sometimes they do and if they don’t they will presume it’s you. If you say yes as most people do… just flip the license over to see whose property it is and then you’ll see whose property you just volunteered to be. It’s all fraud and deception. Involuntary slavery was outlawed… but there is no law against voluntary slavery.

        1. “There is a time and a place for EVERY event under the sun.”

          That said. There are created mans governments rules and laws that are created of for and by the created. And their are Creator God Rules and Laws,Principals and Precepts that apply to all creation,all persons,all people every crated past,present future. Some of Creator Gods Rules,Laws,Principals and Precepts have been revealed to creation since the foundation of the world. Others where made more widely known and understood later through the US Constitution,Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence. Notice that please. Not Declaration of codependence. Not Declaration of Corporatism. Not Declaration created mans Bank and mammon is government and certainly NOT Creator God’s Kingdom nor His Government! The Highest Court and Highest Government given among men by which ALL men are created equal and given their rights by Creator God in and through Jesus Christ now this side of the Cross and New Testament for all mankind’s human history for their persons since then till now current till Creator God does something new with what all or just in part with what and who including the person and persons and People as in We The People of His are also if He says so and and they say so individually by worshiping God in Spirit and in Truth so much as as in a one people peaceable assembly then the person and people maintain their sovereign status with and under their Creator God.

          Because it is better to serve God and His ways from His Kingdom and Government then it is to serve mans. So God’s Kingdom and Government has Highest Rule and also First and Last Highest Say in ALL matters as they pertain to ALL creation especially His persons and people who are made in His Image.

          So the person does not belong to the State or the States god or the State’s Bank god of mammon if they belong to the Sovereign LORD even through the Lord Jesus Christ,then they are His and His alone even in their “persons”,property and effects against ALL unreasonable ROAD BLOCKS like Oregon State Government and the Federal Government obviously participated in with those Unconstitutional Road blocks in and around Burns Oregon at the time of Levoy Finicums death. Those agents of the state whoever they were or are now still not only gave up their persons rights with and under protections, deliverance’s and blessings from Almighty God. But they also forfeit their “persons” status to be government of men,by men,for men and to men and governments of corporatism,by corporatism for corporatism and to corporatism governments of man,Beast,Demons,machine any one or combination of them also at the same time they themselves acted and performed any act of violence,theft,wrongdoing sin and even entrapment to others. They too ceased to be “government” of any kind in Creator God’s Holy Sight and Word,natural law and reveled laws to men and creation of His or not. They still had to at least leave room for Him and His and they did not and so they even forfeit being their own at that very own persons and governance of any kind at that very instant violence,theft and official oppression including various abuses and harassment,bullying and intimidating and of course destruction to person/s and or properties including but NOT limited to the destruction/s of animals namely cattle and prize bulls in this cases instance here did occur.

          So you say the “person” belongs to the state,governments and or to corporatism and I say no they do not and if they do in part? Then it’s only some persons who choose to who do. Why? Because it took Jesus Christ in His “person” to die on the Cross at Calvary to purchase them back from the slave market of sin owning and possessing all “persons”. So it took Jesus Christ persons body to die on the Cross for ALL mankind sins. Not simply just to save the soul of the person. But to also save the entire “person” head to toe outer body “persons” covering also. It all belongs to God in Christ. Especially when it’s HIS BODY OF “PERSONS”! And especially too when it’s any of his individual and or collective Body of Persons who are doing His Will and or also to some degree or another also participating in that training exercise of faith from Romans 12:1-2. The “persons” are in fact also His also then because God speaks about the renewing of the mind so that the person may prove that good acceptable and perfect will of Jehovah God even in or through or with Jesus Christ.

          So MARK my words and MARK them very well and clearly understand them all to their fullest! The Bundy’s and the Hammond families and Peter Santilli and Levoy Finicum now and at the time of his death and prior. As well as all the other peaceful protesters and refuge occupiers are indeed all in their entire persons Holy Creator God’s property,responsibility and purchased possession for Himself and His Kingdom and Government’s good pleasure in Christ alone.

          And when you and others fail to recognize any of these facts and truthes? Then it is you and yours even in your own persons who will suffer losses now and into eternity if you do not repent and get right in your person before Almighty God and receive God Redemptive Plan for yourself and your person from Jesus Christ. Or there will indeed be Hell and Heaven to have to fully satisfy and pay in this life and also the next.

          So I would worry about yourself and your own person being entirely saved and entirely spiritually appraised and disciplined rightly in Christ and the WHOLE Word of God including ALL His covenants and Promises which include but aren’t limited to the US Constitution,Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence for ALL American people/persons and those also in Christ anywhere in the world from every nation tribe and tongue also! Before you speak for and talk about and worry about and declare or say anything for any other person or persons,property and God’s own personal Property rights to ALL His own persons,places and things too. Regardles with or without state approval, or governments consent,Banks occupations and corporations policy practice and procedures out there as they pertain to everything and or also NOTHING in light of US national debt of 19 plus trillion dollars and no entity created,no nation,no government, no Bank even has that sum in real wealth to back that debt or anything else they say,want or so desire also chum.

          1. I’m a bit confused. Are you saying the person is ours and not the state’s property?
            If so, I agree that although the state claims the person as their property, the truth is that we (men and women) are the creators of our person… not the state. He who creates – owns. And that is exactly the kernel of the issue… God creates us and thus we are his and his alone. The state claims ownership of the person through the divine trust and acts as trustee of our person and all property held or titled in our person’s name. As creations of God, we are not persons (creations of man)… and we HAVE persons… in other words… we are much, much more than the person. I think what you are saying is that since God creates all, the state has no right to claim ownership of our persons nor to administer our affairs contrary to our wishes… if so I agree with you.

          2. Well you got some of that correct but most is wrong though.

            1 Corinthians 3:7 NIV “So neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow.”

            Your person,your character,your nature,your soul,who you are by your name and who you are by God name for you both. And what you are in Christ or not in Christ also Only God gives the real growth,maturity and increase to.
            So nobody is creator of themselves. There is only One Creator and the rest are all created and creation that’s created. Now our choices in life to be obedient a little or alot to Creator God of the Bible and or also Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit is entirely up to each of us how much or how little we go to Him or apply Him in our persons body and lives,church,community and governments individually and or collectively. So our choices to worship and serve the Creator God of the bible or created man from the bible or created thing without any man or God or Holiness or Holy Bible will fashion and form our persons minds,heart soul and spirit to either be more like God in Christ? Or more like we ourselves are our own gods. When actually we are not are our own Gods or gods. That scripture that says what Christ said their “ye are gods” must also be taken in context where God also says,”all the gods of the peoples are idols.” So I hope that clears that up for you and many others also.

            Now if anyone isn’t a spirit man of or for Holy God done the Holy Bible’s Word of God,Way,Truth and Life? Then the same has NONE of that. No Way,No truth from God that matters and also no real life. Now there are spirit man demon/devil men but I won’t get into that right here and now on this one.

            So there is only what God makes and then there is what man makes. Hense give to God what belongs to God and give to Caesar/man what belongs to government/men.

            If any is NOT a born again child of God filled and overflowing with the Holy Spirit and Word of God Old and New Testament Genesis through Revelation? Then they are all either entirely filled with just themselves and or also all entirely filled with devils,demons and doctrines of both of those and other created men and beast seen and unseen both.

            So the Holy Spirit Filled child of God has no need for anyone else to be his teacher. Because scriptures teach and tell us and Gods natural law also shows us that not only is God’s Holy Spirit the Best and Highest Teacher for self own person. But he is also the Best and Highest and most wonderfully best equipped teacher for any and every other people/person,place or thing ever created or that ever will be created also.

            But the one who does not want God or the Bible or that Holy Spirit inside them or in any of their business or world? Too bad. God does whatever He wants with whoever He wants whenever He wants however He wants. So it’s the unregenerate man and its also that man of God who’s in that process or transformation of having the mind of Christ and becoming like Jesus Christ and also else what God the Father Himself Chooses to place in gift,nature,spirit or calling inside any one of His own or not. While that one is in transition from the kingdom of darkness into His kingdom of Light. That’s both instant at new birth being saved and then that’s also a process of sanctification a being set apart or aside for God’s purposes that He is always willing to do as you or each one is willing,available,teachable,Holy Spirit of God and Word of God taught,trained and discipled.As well as how flexible before God first ad then also man and institutions of men anyone is or isn’t will either please God or man or both. So it’s that one who isn’t saved and who isn’t filled with the Word of God and Spirit of God who needs to have others teach him. And as always is the case when anyone get’s taught anything it’s always the teachers who sort of get to have it all reconfirmed to themselves that what they’re teaching is right or not, and working or not.

            So a person is able to be personal and have a personal relationship with either Holy Creator God or most unholy sinful created man. Just one or the other and sometimes even a little of both. But at the same time is quite hard for any to do. So generally speaking any can be man pleasers with that which is crated seen and unseen,known and unknown. Or they can be Creator God Pleasers with any of that or none of that or just some of that some of the time,space and eternity also. That is entirely up to Creator God and the individual how much or how little creator God and His Blessings and promises they want for each of their own persons here and now and then also bye and bye next age even also.
            But no one is ever able to have any personal relationship with anyone created or Creator or State or Government or corporation if they do not have and do not posses at least their own person to engage in any of that personal or as it most often is now a most impersonal experience with who and what has been created and grown by sinful,fallen,degenerate,despotic man and whatever they make that always isn’t anything really truly living but always an imitation,impostor an fraud,copy of the original at best is all they can do to create man or animals. God will always have all the Patent and all the DNA on all the people,place and things including animals that He ever made.

            So Jesus Christ has both a spirit of God and a mans human body. Even now in Heaven where his physical mans body is seated next to the right hand of God the Father Almighty. Jesus Christ’s spirit however is also Immanuel (more then two places at once) since the Christ Child was born via virgin Mary and then also God’s own character nature and person of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost was and is also one with God the Father and God the Son also. So any way anyone looks at it God is spirit and His spirit is Living and Dwelling among us and that ALONE is what causes each of us to grow. Or not growing if we are sinning against ourselves or abiding in anyone else sins that they projected onto us and our persons knowingly or unknowingly by them or us or each person or not. Still happens that way. It’s also called or referred to as sin energy. But get the real Jesus Christ and then you and your own person has entire liberty and freedom in the spirit of God,Word of God only by the Righteousness of Christ each human being person is able to clothe themselves with only after they gave their life to Jesus for forgiveness of sins and to be saved from the wrath and condemnation of Holy Creator God that’s here in part already and coming more intensely each passing day mankind and institutions and governments and corporations among mankind keep on insisting on being unholy,sinful,wicked,lawless,deceitful and crafty most subtle.

            Our individual person is our own and is our own property,each our own responsibility for upkeep and maintenance and each our respecting states residences also if we have settled there and or are still there. And then when we get saved if we get saved the right way we give it all to God so He has it and owns it and manages it and guides it and grows it or tears it all down if nothing and nobody can grow there.

            God’s fifth universal Kingdom of Jesus Christ has come and will come some more. But He first came in body of man and now He’s doing that and building His Kingdom and Government that will crush,dominate or master every other kingdom on earth by His magnificent Spirit that is clearly here and living among us all here and now as well as at the same time Heaven and anywhere also in space or cosmos He so desire to be at in any part or fullness of his omnipotence and omnipresence.

            Hope that answered your question/s? Please just one or two at a time very specific so these don’t have to get so long.


            From that song your own “candle” is you and your persons best and greatest goodness that you can give or impart unconditionally or at least temperately to anyone or anything in this dark world at this time. And that “candle” can only be so bright shining on it’s own. And it’s going to be the like the Brightest Star and most Brilliant Candle if it’s uplinked to,coupled with and relational to obedience to God in Christ even clothing yourself with that righteousness of Christ who is the Greatest and most Brilliant one of all. That ever was and that ever will be because only He is the Creator and everyone else is the created. Who at best can only be LIKE their Master or Teacher but can never be the same person as they are. Because there is always created and One Creator. And that’s where Lucifer got it all wrong too. And as mighty and glorious as he once was he too was only a created being. Not ever even equal to Holy Creator God and definitely not greater or higher up them Him either…EVER!

          3. This verse just came to me which helps clarify your questions explanation some more.

            Matthew 20:25-26 HCSB with KJV end world “minister also and or too.
            “But Jesus called them over and said, “You know that the rulers of the Gentiles dominate them, and the men of high position exercise power over them.” “It must not be like that among you. On the contrary, whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant/minister.”

            Jesus is one with the God of the Living who is not the god of the dead nor god of mammon. So Jesus was speaking to his disciples who were following Him and obeying Him and His Words to them. They were the disciplined or disciples of Christ basically said, you pick and choose who will be great and dominate you and whatever and whoever else concerns you. And then let them serve you or minister to you. That obviously was NOT the same command or instructional guidance and teaching for the greatest masses of populous persons or people on the planet nor in Jerusalem or Israel. That practice was for those who left all and followed Christ and His sufferings and remained steadfast,obedient and righteous in the sight of the Lord and LORD.

            The Rulers of the Gentiles is the Establishment State. And the “men of High position” are often referring to the Jews,NWO and the elite. Today that would also be the Builderbergers, Rothschilds,Rockefellers, Bushes Clintons and George Soro’s es of the world who are only currently those,”men of High position”. They want all rule and all power to exercise however they want over all the Gentiles.But just like the Establishment State their rule,power and governance is limited and has boundaries and limitations lines that MUST not ever be crossed.

            Notice also in the last part of those two verses that the Lord GOD in Jesus Christ said,”It MUST not be like that among you.”

            See it was never God’s plan or will or intention or purpose for anyone in created including all men to always bow and grovel to the State and or whoever else also who always did them harm and evil and sin. He gave his Disciples a choice who they were to let minister and or also serve them and their person and church and community,society and government.

            It’s always a choice. But the Disciples of Christ who are followers of Christ not just one day a week or one hour or two a week and on Wednesday night are who that Matthew 20:26 verse of exhortation was meant and intended for historically,biblically and currently modern day of ours as well also.

            So the State and it’s guidance and teachings are indeed needed for some. But not all. And not the most to the point where it stunts or encroaches on upon their spiritual and physical growth in the sight of Creator God.

            For example the State can’t just decode to enforce Obamacare at each every home or town hall and force every boy and virgin girl to go there and be stripped of all their clothing. Pap smeared in front of male or female so called Dr’s or nurses of the same or opposite genders for gynecology tests. And little boys and men of every age also can;t be forced by the state healthcare governments to go and be stripped down naked and then tested to see if they can have or sustain an erection or not. That’s just an obvious example that the State and Governments must NOT ever go beyond their own boundaries God and natural law and conscious and common law and Bill of Rights and Hebrew civil rights to humanity have always had in Command and play in this world.

            So the person belongs to themselves. Or each person wouldn’t ever be able to give themselves to God Jesus Christ. And then when they do do that? Then God still expects that each person be a righteous steward of what God has entrusted to them. To the state it’s government and governance rightly,morally,ethically and good. And to the individual persons its also that and it’s also so the individual person grows in that grace and knowledge and security and safety with their Sovereign Creator God and hopefully also among good man and good governments and good states of men also.

            To know God and to be Known by God is also to know what He hates. And to shun that so one doesn’t grow or mature in hatred. God hates all sin. And the State has the side and ability to do far more sins against themselves and their peoples and their governments then what the individual does.

            The Bridge between man and God is Jesus Christ. And none can ever expect the Establishment State to ever cross that Bridge and start making right moves towards God and for more God and more God’s goodness and blessing in their lives. But when the Establishment States are comprised and made up of human being people? Then even those people in those precarious positions within the State are able to what is pleasing to the LORD instead of just themselves or just their own families all the time.

            God created every person so that they would give God glory with their lives. And historically and biblically whenever mankind and governments and kingdoms and nations failed to that? Then He allowed them to be destroyed and perish off the face of the earth.

            So all personas and all peoples to one degree or another have some responsibility to the State and rulers over them. And then when they aren’t doing any of that rightly? The individual person must then withdrawal from them and that and go back to their most primitive or most base,common simple or plain form of natural existence before God and man so that at least then that man who does that might be pleasing to the LORD and so God might not destroy it all with everyone in it,Him selectively enforcing that Judgment and it’s intensity and duration then on just who is deserving of that from Creator God and His Government and His Kingdom of Heaven also.

  6. If it done under “tea party” insurrectionist SOLDIERS should REFUSE to participate against their commandeers, er commanders for this type of training.

    For it is the tea party that is against the insurrectionist currently in power and we know this by the election of the fraud barack obama who is not legally entitled to be president or commander-in-chief.

    No American should be supporting this illegal negroe’s agenda. Much less the military.

  7. It’s already happened at least to us. Crown agents tortured and kidnapped me and then just threw us off our property and seized it along with everything we ever earned in our lifetimes and left us with absolutely nothing… and when I say nothing… I mean absolutely nothing other than the clothes on our backs.

    1. Was it drug possession related? I don’t agree with that law,policy or practice. But it had to be civil asset forfeiture that happened to you? What state are you in? Why were you there? Are you still there? Why do you think that happened to you?

      1. No… gosh I’m 59 years old and never took a drug in my life. A fraudulent foreclosure based on perjury by an attorney for a bank. We have no mortgage! They made up two sub-unit addresses… like as if our property was multi-family and then claimed these bogus sub-units were “also known as” our land and property! I think the reason they did it was because part of palm beach county florida became Martin county I think in the 30’s, however some areas that are claimed by Martin county were never re-platted into Martin county. Land cannot be moved and it can only be re-platted by the owner. They tried to persuade many in our neighborhood to re-plat under the guise of making horse trails but I don’t think many (if any) fell for that ruse. This is a crazy county (well most people would say all of Florida is crazy) and recently a judge told a defendant in court here that Martin county is under martial law. We told the sheriffs that we wanted this crime investigated by the FBI but they said they have no jurisdiction here. Seems they just do whatever they like here… no rights… no constitution… no law… and they can steal literally everything you earned in an entire lifetime and no one gives a damn. Well if they can do it to one… they can do it to all.

        1. That sucks for you. I know it’s bad. And I know it’s been selectively enforced. I would have rathered a straight up fight but the Establishment has trained it’s loosers and traitors working for them to do it this way so everyone doesn’t wake up all at once and get angry and come after them all at once. So they don’t mind going after one person or one family here and there at a time. So to pick us all off as they choose one by one.

          What’s your heart tell you to do now? Fight or flight? Because some places just aren’t worth the hassle of trying to restore and flourish with until they fully collapse.

          Only place I know of that I’d go and stay in Florida is in Liberty County. They have a Constitutional sheriff that stood up even to the Governor and got arrested but he won his case and the guy he let go and gave his guns back prevailed well with that eventually also. Some stupid concealed weapons permit expired. Cop pulls guy over for traffic violation. Sees the gun in the car. Sounded like everyone but the sheriff wanted to crucify that poor guy and take his guns and incarcerate him forever or whatever. But the jury sided with the sheriff of Liberty County FL. So I hope he went back and sued the crap out of everyone else who told that sheriff how to do his job like he always had been doing according to oath to uphold and protect the Constitution. Those are the kind of places you’ll want to live in.

          1. Thanks so much for your comment… you are exactly right… this is how they have been doing it all along… they pick us off one by one or one family at a time. I know I’ve seen or read of bad stuff happening to others and for your own sense of some semblance of security, you try to believe that the victim MUST have done something to deserve it – otherwise this wouldn’t be happening to them. That’s human nature… we simply don’t want to believe that the government could be so unbelievably corrupt even though the evidence is right there in our face all day every day. Then one day the wolf (or the beast) comes to your door and everyone else looks the other way… hoping you must have done something to deserve it. That is how the predators have managed to screw the innocent for centuries… divide and conquer. The only thing that is different about today is that the number of predators and parasites has increased so dramatically that more and more people are falling victim to them every day and as a result… more and more people are waking up to the fact that they are going to be next! In my case, as one who lives a very simple and clean life with a family and just working hard… they never could get me for anything… so they came to my house… told me they had an order from a judge (which they didn’t) and that I had to leave or I would be “arrested”. I wasn’t even dressed… just “house clothes”… no wallet… no money… nothing. There were about 15 or 20 armed men at my gate… terrifying! At first I said… no I wouldn’t unlock the gate for them because they had no right or authority to come on my property. They just got a bolt cutters and cut the lock… I was video taping with my phone but they stole that. Anyway, once I saw them getting violent like that I was scared for my life. No one else was home at the time. I said… okay I’ll leave then… but they said “too late now” and they pushed in the gate and several of them assaulted me… wrenched the phone out of my hand… shackled them and pushed me into the back of one of their cars. For ones that claimed they wanted me to leave… they instead held me in the back of their car on my property for over 3 hours while they ransacked the place. There was no ventilation… I hadn’t even had breakfast.. no water… no access to bathroom… nothing. I told them I had severe life long claustrophobia (which I do) but they used that to torture me for hours and then after about 3 1/2 hours when my wife showed up to see why I wasn’t answering the phone… they took me away and I can’t even talk about what happened after that. I’m still suffering from severe PTSD and my family and I have been out on the street with nothing ever since (8 weeks now). The alarm went off at the house several times since and on one occasion when they thought I was there… there is a report of “shots fired” there right around that time! We even have an RV but that along with our cars are on the property so we are staying with friends for now. We have tried U.S. Marshals, FBI and reporting this so called bank (Caliber Home Loans) to the sheriff in Dallas county, TX where their head office is… but no answer from any of them so far. The CEO of this Caliber Home Loans is Joe Anderson who was a key executive in Countrywide when the national scandal of fraud broke that nearly collapsed the economy. Same crooks are just operating under a different name. It’s just so insane… it’s beyond belief. At this point we’re just trying to stay alive

          2. If you got them on video of breaking and entering into your place and property without anyone first sending you a letter to appear in court for whatever said charges are? Then you had every right to kill them all. Research your states Castle Doctrine law. There are other similar names for that same law that is suppose to protect people on their own property. What they did you one time. They came and did to me 6 times. I didn’t know my rights or any laws back then. I just took their word for what they were saying was true. And they ruined my whole life with the bullying from official oppression that they kept doing to me because I always lived all alone. But you got them on video B&E felony. So they will NOT ever stop hunting you down till you’re dead because even alive and in prison you and your evidence could get them put away for a very long time.

            So I trust by now you have an AR-15 or AK-47 semi automatic rifle and have trained with it and feel comfortable with it. That is another swat team of two dozen men comes to rape or assault you that you’ll have no problem now putting them down and giving them all a dirt nap.Better tried by 9 then carried by 6.

            I’m sorry to hear of all your loss and suffering. You must be a really loving devout beautiful Christian. Let me also encourage you to get a copy of Pastor Chuck Baldwins book,”To Keep or not to Keep” Why Christians should not give up their guns.

            And if you got an RV then get out of that area and state if you can! “The wicked flee when none pursues.” But you are NOT wicked and the most wicked predator hunters that they are will keep coming till they get you dead.

            If you are not fleeing a charge that you got and saw on paper? If you are not a fugitive from justice? Then you may come to my camp here in Maine and nobody will bother you here. And we can even put up a little resistance to them for at least a little while if they do try to come and get you here. My cabin is being heated and I cleaned almost everything off the bed today. And there’s also a pull out sofa bed in there. So come on up here and we’ll have a nice little time together for as long as you want at least till Obama leaves office and that whole corrupt system comes under someone else’s immediate control who will do something about your situation. Like Donald Trump. 🙂

            Take care and God Bless and keep the faith. Or at least get it and use it right real quick if you don’t have it yet.

          3. Thank you so much for you very kind reply. Yes, I’m Christian 100%… isn’t always us that get persecuted by the wicked ones. Florida does have a “stand your ground” law and yes I would have been fully within my rights to have used it… but I’m totally opposed to violence of any kind. I believe Jesus is already back here and he will sort this out. I know a lot of people hope that Trump might be the answer… certainly better than any other option… but the truth is they are all running for President (CEO) of the corporation. What we need is to restore the republic which our ancestors fought for and which we have every right to as free men and women. The corporation only rules other corporations (including the person – your name in all caps). I have a wife and children so running is not an option. I’ll stand my ground. You are absolutely right about the liability they have and me dead would be their solution to that… of that I have no doubt, however they can only kill their own property and I am not their property. I don’t have the video because they stole my phone and won’t give it back… however they have swore out a so called affidavit stating that I was video taping them so that is evidence enough that there is video footage of what they did. Also I have filed the whole thing in the public record… sui juris… as a free man and sovereign in my own right… not as a person. They tried to lure me into a trap on Good Friday (the irony of the fact that this is the day they say Jesus was crucified was not lost on us) by setting off the alarm at the house and then telling us that they were throwing all our property out and that we had until 10am saturday morning to collect whatever we could. While we were in a panic wondering how we could get our stuff without any cars and at such short notice… the most severe thunderstorms and torrential rain started and continued all afternoon and into the night. A man in the area was struck by lightening and killed it was that bad. It would have been impossible to retrieve a lifetime accumulation of property in such impossible circumstances and when they have already seized all our resources. The U.S. Marshalls claimed there was nothing they could do unless we filed a complaint in Federal Court but that’s ridiculous… so if a crime is ongoing… they can’t do anything until the victim files a complaint in Federal Court. We told him that we were in fear for our lives to even go there when the very people who kidnapped and tortured me almost to death and who fired shots there on another occasion are now there throwing all our property out with no lawful authority. He said oh I’m sure if they said you could get your stuff they won’t do anything to you. We said we can’t trust them and that our lives were more important than property and we weren’t willing to risk our lives to retrieve whatever property we could get in the midst of a storm. He said… “I hear ya” and “my heart goes out to you” which were nice words but meaningless since he wouldn’t lift a finger to help. I’m convinced that if I had gone there… I wouldn’t be alive today and yet another Christian would have been sacrificed on “Good” Friday. I put “good” in quotes because it is bizarre to call a day marking the death of our Lord as good… sure it is bad friday and the day we remember his resurrection is the good day. Everything just seems to be backwards and upside down in this crazy world. Anyway… thank so very much for your very generous offer… you are a good Christian which is why you too have been persecuted by the wicked ones.

          4. I would entirely rethink your comfort zone mentally spiritual worship of God and even naming Christs name for yourself if you will not stand fully armed and be ready for any time when violence is brought to you or your loved one and even your neighbor. Because if you will not stand best you can for yourself and any else of that that concerns you? Then why should God help you and your loved ones out if you don’t even make an effort towards self defense of any kind? In fact why would any other Christian brother or American brother or US soldier also come to your aid and protection for yourself and your family if you do not and will not take an armed stand for protection and defense? Because that’s all biblical and New Testament even also. So I want to HIGHLY encourage you if you are any kind of rightful American and call yourself a Christian to get a copy of To Keep or Not To Keep why Christians SHOULD NOT give up their guns by Pastor Chuck Baldwin. And then do what your heart and soul scriptural tells you to do for your family and country. Because does not even Ecclesiastes say,”there is a time for war and a time for peace” to you and your loved ones also?

            Now you sound like you could have a Job story on your hands? A real test of faith. These are good problems then. Because nothing else really matters but your faith that’s suppose to be backed by action living or else it’s faith without works that are dead. And without faith it is impossible to please God. It sounds like you were right not going back for your stuff. That’s scriptural also if you really think about it and know the word of God. And it was probably best not to violently retaliate all by yourself or right so soon after being almost gravely wronged. But what are you and your family and friends and church going to do when the next pack of Feral cops,thugs,mercs or whoever comes and does that same thing to someone in your line of physical sight who’s your neighbor and then ends up raping their pretty young daughter on the front yard while you stand by and watch or run away because you and your loved ones are unarmed? How are you going to be pleasing to God by cowering in fear and not coming to anyone else’s rescue then? Like I said what help do you think you and yours will actually get when you aren’t help or aid to others when they need it? I submit America and the Evangelical Christian Church in America got taken over by the world,the flesh and the devil and it’s Bank because they were most always NEVER ready to take back anything or anyone or even maintain anything or anyone by use of force and violence if absolutely necessary also. “Worse then an infidel is the man who does not provide for his family” my God and the Bible says. Maybe you say mercs would never dress as police officers or as any other government agent even US Marshals? Read and pray and carefully consider this.

            People and nations/countries/militaries and governments all reap what they sow. And I’ll bet your own taxes help finance the governments and US militaries oppression and violence and home and abroad. And now you think it such a bizarre strange thing that that very same thing you pay for all those years has now come home most personally to you and your loved ones?

            So you want to remain non violent when you and your churches and societies and governments all payed for violence,thefts and oppression to be done to others? Good luck with that prayer yielding the results how you want and when you want.
            If you wanted to remain unarmed and only be able to play the victim and cry you and your loved ones are victims all day long all your life? Then you should have moved abroad. Maybe you still can?

            But if someone or something is worth you fighting for in America in order to stay alive and live even if it’s just yourself? Then go out right away and pick up an AR-15 and AK-47 for you and all your loved ones and get the salesman or someone knowledgeable to show you how to use it for self defense.

            All the best to you brother. Best of luck to you if your in the world and your Christianity and faith is actually jelly fish cowering in fear paganism. And the very best of BLESSINGS to you and yours if yours is the real faith that pleases God of the bible even after you read To Keep or Not to Keep. You and all your loved ones also. Take care. And look out for you if that’s all the best you can do. But please really do try not to be anyone’s patsy and victim all your entire lives please if you will.

            And you’re still welcome here for a stay or visit with me and my animals even if you’re a jelly fish cowering and refused to be armed. But also know that God does not not approve of any of his who shrink back in fear. Hebrews 10:39NLT “But we are not like those who turn away from God to their own destruction. We are the faithful ones, whose souls will be saved.”

            I appreciate you say you’re taking a stand. But without a weapon of self defense isn’t biblical nor very wise. And most often during war time will lead to you being a liability to someone who might defend your life because you will not. Any can “turn away” or fall away from the Living LORD when they do NOT do what He tells them to do in His New Testament Word of God Holy Bible. If you have no sword (double edge sword just like the Roman military soldiers carry and used) JESUS TOLD His Disciples to get one and carry it.

            Otherwise be another patsy who partakes in fulfilling this prophecy,”My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” Paraphrased:”They have a knowledge but it is not according to My Truth declares the LORD and Lord Jesus also.”

            It’s open season on all Americans and every Christian whether you would have it and call for it and fight for any of it or not. So prepare accordingly. Because it isn’t just this life where your rewards to obedience (or lack there of also) will be had and felt by you and others inside and outside that so called faith and Christian religion.

            I hope that was the kind of pep talk/instruction and guidance you needed that perhaps nobody else but God and His Word even through His Holy Spirit Convicting and Convincing you of right from wrong,sin from righteousness of Christ, and violence from prudence and self defense.

  8. How sickening that the 2012 report said to free a town taken by the Tea Party insurrectionists (who to my knowledge have not committed a single crime) and not say Black Lies Matter, Black panthers ot Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam all of which love to kill cops, burn and rob their neighborhoods. Shows exactly what kind of president Obama is. Great article sir.

  9. That’s not entirely true nowadays. In the past for Americans in America Marital Law and or State of Emergency Declarations made by the State could mean confiscation of firearms. But after Hurricane Katrina and the National Guard did that down in New Orleans. The US Senate passed it and Bush it. So confiscation of firearms in America during any declared emergency of any kind including Martial Law is prohibited. But yes the writer here is correct that Constitutional rights of the people get suspended during those times of emergency. And in fact we’re in a soft undeclared state and nation in emergency already for many many years. Goes back to WW2 even and got reinforced right after 9/11 that the American government has to date currently chosen to go that path of endless wars. Hense the war on terror, war on drugs,war on self sufficiency,currency crisis/war,etc. In fact if I had my Constitutional Rights anytime in my lifetime here in America since I was even taught them in public middle school around 1986? Then I would be a multi-millionaire EASY due to all the settlements I would have won from ALL the wrongs the Establishment State has done and allowed against me. Wouldn’t have happened at any time let alone EVERY-TIME if I had any of my own Constitutional Rights ever in any court of law in America! But I’m not a multi-millionaire. So I always lost whenever I went to court. Because the courts are NOT recognizing Constitutional Law,Magna Carta or even common law and common sense. So Americans full Constitutional Rights are already suspended in most places with most people.

    Anyway. Here’s something on that law now now where nobody can ever take you guns anymore. Probably also a major contributing reason to why Obama could never pass more strict gun control laws everywhere and enforce them everywhere in every state even. That and the American people would not let him just do whatever he wants.


    42 U.S. Code § 5207 – Firearms policies

    Current through Pub. L. 114-38. (See Public Laws for the current Congress.)

    US Code
    Authorities (CFR)

    prev | next
    (a) Prohibition on confiscation of firearms No officer or employee of the United States (including any member of the uniformed services), or person operating pursuant to or under color of Federal law, or receiving Federal funds, or under control of any Federal official, or providing services to such an officer, employee, or other person, while acting in support of relief from a major disaster or emergency, may—
    (1) temporarily or permanently seize, or authorize seizure of, any firearm the possession of which is not prohibited under Federal, State, or local law, other than for forfeiture in compliance with Federal law or as evidence in a criminal investigation;
    (2) require registration of any firearm for which registration is not required by Federal, State, or local law;
    (3) prohibit possession of any firearm, or promulgate any rule, regulation, or order prohibiting possession of any firearm, in any place or by any person where such possession is not otherwise prohibited by Federal, State, or local law; or
    (4) prohibit the carrying of firearms by any person otherwise authorized to carry firearms under Federal, State, or local law, solely because such person is operating under the direction, control, or supervision of a Federal agency in support of relief from the major disaster or emergency.
    (b) Limitation

    Nothing in this section shall be construed to prohibit any person in subsection (a) from requiring the temporary surrender of a firearm as a condition for entry into any mode of transportation used for rescue or evacuation during a major disaster or emergency, provided that such temporarily surrendered firearm is returned at the completion of such rescue or evacuation.
    (c) Private rights of action
    (1) In general

    Any individual aggrieved by a violation of this section may seek relief in an action at law, suit in equity, or other proper proceeding for redress against any person who subjects such individual, or causes such individual to be subjected, to the deprivation of any of the rights, privileges, or immunities secured by this section.
    (2) Remedies

    In addition to any existing remedy in law or equity, under any law, an individual aggrieved by the seizure or confiscation of a firearm in violation of this section may bring an action for return of such firearm in the United States district court in the district in which that individual resides or in which such firearm may be found.
    (3) Attorney fees

    In any action or proceeding to enforce this section, the court shall award the prevailing party, other than the United States, a reasonable attorney’s fee as part of the costs.
    (Pub. L. 93–288, title VII, § 706, as added Pub. L. 109–295, title V, § 557, Oct. 4, 2006, 120 Stat. 1391.)

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