9 Survival Food That Lasts Forever

1Survival food- a topic any true prepper has thought about extensively. What to have, how much, how often to replace it, where to keep it, how to store it… The questions go on and on.

It can be a daunting task keeping your survival food supply full of everything you need and up-to-date. Depending on the item, some foods need to be replaced pretty often, an expensive and inconvenient necessity that even the best preppers can’t avoid.

In an effort to lessen this burden, we’ve put together a list of the 9 survival foods that will keep forever. You read that correctly- you will never have to replace these items once you get them in your preps.

With proper storage, knock these items off of your survival food worries list and lighten your load. Full storage tips can be found in the infographic at the bottom of this post.


Maple Syrup

This one gets huge points for flavor and variety. Maple syrup isn’t just limited to pancakes. You can add this too a huge range of different foods for some great added flavor. You can even make your own from maple tree sap. It takes about an hour a gallon, but it will be worth the effort. See the videos below for instructions.


How To Make Maple Syrup For Survival:


Salt has a history of being highly valuable, so one could assume they’d be highly valuable in a survival situation. Spices were considered commodities, easily used for trade. Also, the electrolytes in salt are an essential part of your diet and salt can help preserve your foods. Watch the video below on how to store salt in mylar bags.


How To Store Salt:


Though honey might change a bit in the way it looks over time, it won’t go bad or be dangerous to eat. Also, honey has some medicinal properties as well, making it extra useful in a survival situation.


The Importance Of Honey For Survival:



Rice is highly versatile and filling. Keeping a grain like this around could be your best bet in a survival situation. Easy to store and cook, this grain is definitely useful for preppers. For tips on storage, watch the video below.


Storing White Rice:

Corn Starch

Corn starch is a great thickening agent, but creating gravy and pudding is just the tip of the iceberg with this useful starch. Watch the video below for other shocking ways you can use cornstarch!


Household Uses For Cornstarch:


All different kinds of sugar can be stored forever without going bad due to sugar not supporting the growth of bacteria. Watch the video below for white sugar storage tips.


How To Store Sugar Long Term:

Vanilla Extract

Real, pure vanilla extract is highly valuable and will last forever. Watch the video below to make your own!


DIY Vanilla Extract:


Marinade and salad dressings are made more tasty with vinegar, but there are lots of practical uses for vinegar as well. We all know how to clean with vinegar, but the video below gives you surprising uses for vinegar that you never would have thought of.


10 Vinegar Life Hacks:


Aside form its obvious “calming” properties, liquor can be used for many purposes. From cleaning wounds to sedating people who are wounded and need painful medical attention, this stuff has lots of uses. Also, it can be used for barter in a SHTF situation. Watch the video below for even more uses.


Why To Keep Alcohol In Your Preps:



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