5 Alternative Ways to relieve toothache

Corporal hygiene is a must, no matter who and where you are. As preppers, we understand the fact that in certain situations we might go without the commodity of personal care products, and in the worst case scenarios, we might not even get clean water. And these situations are very probable in a SHTF scenario, when modern commodities (like soap, toothpaste, shampoo etc.) will be harder and harder to procure. But just because the game gets harder, doesn’t mean we have to quit playing. One of the most important aspects of personal hygiene is oral hygiene. And poor oral hygiene is not to be excused under any circumstances, SHTF scenario or not. Even if commercial toothpaste and mouthwash will have completely disappeared of the face of the planet, you can still improvise and do the best with what you have, just like in the old days. What I’m about to show you next is a list of a few tips and tricks that will help improve oral hygiene and alleviate toothache.

Cloves are on top of the list and with good reason too. It’s probably the best improvised painkiller when it comes to toothache. The clove’s “superpower” when it comes to alleviating toothache is a natural chemical called eugenol, which kills any pathogens or bacteria (anti-septic properties) and numbs down the pain (anesthetic properties). For it to work as efficiently as possible, you have to apply the clove locally. Nothing fancy, just grind into thin powder and apply the powder over the aching tooth. If you wish for a slow release, you can empty a small teabag and fill it with the clove powder; once you’ve done so, just apply the teabag on the aching area. If all this is too much trouble, just grab a few cloves and suck on them; it will work fine.

Vinegar is another efficient method, but you’ll have to endure the pungent smell. Vinegar must be applied locally as well, directly on the aching tooth. Just take a bit of cotton or some other absorbent fabric and dip it in vinegar (paper towels work as a last resort). Once it gets nice and imbued with vinegar, place it over the aching tooth and bite down gently, in order to release some of the vinegar. It’s fast in relieving the pain, but it’s only a temporary solution. Another way to go is to mix it with baking soda. Add 2 tsp of baking soda to 3 tbsp of vinegar and swish it around in your mouth for 3 – 4 minutes. Rinse thoroughly once you’re done to get rid of the unpleasant taste.

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Baking soda is a strong enough DIY remedy to stand on its own when it comes to countering toothache. Well, not exactly on its own as you will need some water and a pinch of salt for optimum results. Get a regular cup and fill it halfway with water. Add a pinch of salt and last but not least, a tbsp of baking soda. Stir gently until the baking soda and the salt dissolve in the water. Just as you would in the case of the vinegar + baking soda mixture, swish it around in your mouth for a couple of minutes, spit and rinse. However, you should know that the baking soda contains high levels of sodium, which can cause circulatory problems.

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Garlic and onions are two amazing vegetables to have when your toothache is acting up and your medicine cabinet is empty. Garlic is extremely efficient against this sort of problem, as it is a natural antibiotic that will kill of any harmful bacterial agent and reverse the process that’s causing pain. You can smash 5 – 7 garlic cloves and mix them in half-a-cup of water. The garlic mouthwash should be swished around in your mouth for a couple of minutes; you don’t necessarily have to rinse when you’re done, unless you can’t stand the aftertaste. If this is too much DIY for you, just chew on a raw garlic clove until the pain subsides. Same goes for the onion: chew on it and it will kill off any potentially harmful germ that might be causing havoc.

Alcohol is also a good ally to turn to when your toothache is acting up. Its molecular structure gives it acidic properties, which melts the membrane of all harmful bacteria, destroying them in the process. Not only will it numb the pain, but it will also disinfect locally. The stronger the alcohol, the better; don’t dilute it with anything. If you happen to have some hard liquor around the house, like whiskey, brandy, gin, vodka and so on, just have a sip and rinse your mouth for 1 – 2 minutes. Whether you spit or swallow, it’s up to you.



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