4 Bizarre Practices From Ancient Medicine

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Bizarre Ancient Remedies You Won’t Believe Existed

In ancient times (and occasionally today) unconventional, bizarre medical procedures were the “norm.”

Here are some of the weirdest.


Bloodletting is the process of draining one’s blood, which became prominent around 460 to 370 BC., according to the British Columbia Medical Journal. Egyptians, Greeks, Arabs, Asians, and eventually Europeans used the method to balance what they believed to be the four major fluids of the human body—blood, phlegm, black bile, and yellow bile.

An imbalance was thought to make a person ill; migraines and fever were among issues treated with draining blood out of a vein or artery. Bloodletting may have even claimed George Washington’s life in 1799. It wasn’t long after when the practice was eventually phased out…

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Leech therapy

Leeches were key to the bloodletting process, and through the ages, have been used as a treatment for infection, skin diseases, dental afflictions, and nervous system abnormalities.

But perhaps their most miraculous attribute has kept them relevant in today’s medicine—leeches secrete specific peptides and proteins that increase wound blood flow, by preventing clotting. Healthline.com noted leech therapy can treat everything from cancer, arthritis, hemorrhoids, high blood pressure to heart disease.


When you have a migraine, do you ever feel like a nice hole in the head would help? Well, many of our historic ancestors felt drilling an opening into the skull was a reasonable way to treat pain and neurological issues.

Surgery also resulted in fewer deaths than you might think, despite the brain being left exposed. The earliest indications of trepanation date back 7,000 years ago, particularly in Greece, Africa, Polynesia, and even America, but the shocking practice trailed on into the early 1900s.

Corpse medicine

There’s nothing like winding down with a cocktail garnished with human skull. From the Romans to England’s King Charles II, various cannibalistic preparations were thought to be healing and restorative. Egyptian tombs were often looted, so the inhabitant could be ground into corpse medicine. Richard Sugg, a professor at Durham University, who’s written extensively on the subject stated, “The human body has been widely used as a therapeutic agent with the most popular treatments involving flesh, bone, or blood. Cannibalism was found not only in the New World, as often believed, but also in Europe.”

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