12 survival things you can make with duct tape infographic


Along with your year supply of food and water do you have your year supply of Duct Tape? All you need to do is google “Duct tape” and you will soon realize how important this sticky substance can be to your long term survival. We put together this list of 12 survival essentials that you can make with duct tape to help people get excited about this wonderful tool. Feel free to let us know what you would add to the list. A special thanks to Gaye over at backdoorsurvival.com. She put together a list a couple of years ago about what you can make with Duct Tape and we used some of her ideas, so thanks Gaye and keep up the good work!




Re-posted with permission. First appeared on foodinsurance.com

2 Replies to “12 survival things you can make with duct tape infographic

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  2. A few — issues — to consider (changing) …

    Duct tape and duck tape are 2 different things. Duck tape was sought by the military (US) to stick and make a water tight seal making quick fixes on things like boats. Duct tape is, well, for air ducts. Somewhere it has become popular to call duck tape ‘duct tape’. You can’t do with duct tape what you can do with duck tape. Your article is about duck, not duct, tape.

    David used a sling to kill Goliath, not a sling shot or what is commonly called a wrist rocket (which was a brand of sling shot as I understand). Your picture is of a sling shot, not a sling (an even simpler implement of … targeting & hitting something). Surely one could make either with duck tape, but I doubt they’d get far making the elastic tubing out of duck tape to make a sling shot … not to mention the 2 strings on a sling would probably not work very well made out of duck tape either (but long shoe laces or maybe some paracord would work).

    Lastly, everyone knows you don’t make helmets out of duck tape — you make hats out of tin (aluminum) foil. Works for zombies, aliens, evil government satellites, and against getting dates with the opposite sex … duck tape helmets don’t do any of that. Dudh! 😉

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