10 Reasons Why Cinnamon Is A Great Spice Every Prepper Should Have On Hand

Cinnamon is an ancient spice that many preppers, and survivalist are not aware of that has many health benefits. Cinnamon is an herb that comes from the inner bark of some South Asian trees. It has many health benefits that…

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How To Test Alkaline Batteries Without A Meter In A Few Seconds

We all have batteries for many different kinds of uses. It’s really helpful to know if a battery is still good, or bad. Without a doubt the best way to tell if a battery is good or bad is with…

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Survival Gun: Why are Glocks Best and which Glock Model should you Get

As a Licensed Firearms Collector and firearms instructor telling people to own just one gun may sound crazy but if you keep reading you’ll see I have some valid points. Before continuing I’d like to lay down some ground rules….

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33 Ways Duct Tape Can Save Your Life When SHTF

Modern duct tape, the kind easy to tear by hand yet strong and moisture resistant, was developed for use by the US Army in World War 2 to seal ammunition boxes, but quickly became used for many other purposes, including…

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A 3-Day Survival Plan

Within the past few years, my family and I have been inconvenienced by power outages and other problems that would have been much worse if we had not been prepared. A survival plan it’s a must for every family! My…

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Bugging Out with Kids

There are many philosophies on the best way to bug out. I have seen everything from underground shelters with all the comforts of home to ditching the wife and kids and heading out. I am going to assume that none…

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ALERT: Special Forces Training With Cops For House To House Raids On U.S. Soil

South Carolina residents warned they may encounter military vehicles… Special Forces out of Fort Bragg are training with SWAT officers in Richland County, South Carolina this week for house to house raids, another unnerving sign of the militarization of domestic…

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ALERT: Democrats Introduce Legislation To Stop Americans From Buying Ammo…

It’s no secret that most Democrats want to take away our guns. They have tried to ban common ammunition. The government apparently decided to just buy all the ammo so Americans couldn’t get any. .22 ammo is still hard to…

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Surviving the Inevitable Summer Power Outage

As air conditioners work hard to battle this hot summer and disasters lurk around the corner, prepare your home for a possible blackout before it arrives. Summer is blackout season, when heat waves bring on extra air-conditioning use, and extra…

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Stone Age people may have battled against a zombie apocalypse

Discovery of skulls with their faces smashed in posthumously suggests Neolithic people believed the dead posed a threat to the living. The zombie apocalypse may be much more than a plot device exploited by modern horror movies. In fact, fears…

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