25 High Protein Plants for Times When Meat is Scarce

Most of us probably gather our protein needs from a variety of meats, while our vegetarian counterparts rely on protein from eggs, nuts, and beans. How about our vegan friends? Where do they get their protein from? Protein bars and…

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7 Cost-Cutting Moves that can Backfire in a Disaster

Everyone is trying to save a few bucks these days and I can certainly relate.  But there are certain instances when the cheap route is not the best for surviving a disaster.  Fortunately there are workarounds. Buying the cheapest gear….

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12 Survival Hacks Using Just Leaves

Nature provides an abundance of tools and resources if you just know where to look.  Today, I’m discussing just one of them – LEAVES.  You’re not going to believe all of the survival functions you can do with just LEAVES…

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New Year’s annihilation: Why the world is going to end in 2015

The World Is Going To End On  September 2015 And This Is Why Wall Street analysts have pondered the mystery of what appears to be seven-year economic cycles. They’ve also wondered why crashes seem to come in September. Here is…

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10 Signs That A Tornado May Be Imminent

Whirling dust and debris. Snapping power lines. A continuous rumble or roar often compared to a freight train. And that feared funnel.   Tornadoes are nature’s most violent storms. Yet, many of us don’t know when it’s time to take…

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Economic Policies Have Led Us To The Great Divide And Will Lead Us To The Great Collapse

When slow and steady change happens in your life, slowly but surely, you don’t really notice the aggregate of the change so much while you adapt to it over the span of time. This is why when we reflect back…

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10 Reasons Why Cinnamon Is A Great Spice Every Prepper Should Have On Hand

Cinnamon is an ancient spice that many preppers, and survivalist are not aware of that has many health benefits. Cinnamon is an herb that comes from the inner bark of some South Asian trees. It has many health benefits that…

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How To Test Alkaline Batteries Without A Meter In A Few Seconds

We all have batteries for many different kinds of uses. It’s really helpful to know if a battery is still good, or bad. Without a doubt the best way to tell if a battery is good or bad is with…

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Survival Gun: Why are Glocks Best and which Glock Model should you Get

As a Licensed Firearms Collector and firearms instructor telling people to own just one gun may sound crazy but if you keep reading you’ll see I have some valid points. Before continuing I’d like to lay down some ground rules….

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33 Ways Duct Tape Can Save Your Life When SHTF

Modern duct tape, the kind easy to tear by hand yet strong and moisture resistant, was developed for use by the US Army in World War 2 to seal ammunition boxes, but quickly became used for many other purposes, including…

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