Food prices continue to skyrocket in America; get ready to grow your own!

Americans paid more for meat, poultry, fish and eggs this past Christmas than at any other time since the federal government first began tracking this data back in 1967, according to new data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics…

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How to Build a Warm Shelter With Everyday Materials in Your Home

Shelter is one of the primary needs of all people, secondary only to water and food. Shelter is needed to keep you safe from wind and weather, and also to provide a warm, dry place to rest and recuperate. During…

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Water Purification

DIY Survival Water Purification System – Save About $100 With This Fast, And Easy Build

We all know that water is one of the most important things to have in an emergency. A hurricane, or flood, or some other natural disaster could jeopardize your water supply. Having a water filter would come in very handy in…

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120 Powerful Advices For Preppers

Our world is becoming increasingly unstable, and millions of Americans are feverishly preparing for what they consider to be “the end of the world as we know it”.  In fact, it is estimated that there are now approximately 3 million…

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Meals Ready To Eat: Homemade MREs

  Homemade MREs can come in handy whether you’re preparing for a zombie apocalypse, an EMP attack or maybe just a weekend camping trip with the family. MREs (Meals Ready to Eat) are handed out in the military as standard…

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Here’s How You Can Freeze Food Without Electricity.

In this video we’re going to show you how to freeze food without electricity. It easy to do, and you’ll love the result. Next time your power goes out, or you take a camping trip you won’t have to worry…

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How to Build a Biogas Plant in your Backyard

Anybody who generates a significant amount of bio-waste, and especially those among us with country farms, often have one single dream- and that is to have their own DIY biogas plant. The reason why not so many have succeeded in building it,…

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How to make C4 with RDX Explosives

  In this article we’ll review how to make C4 with RDX, RDX is the primary ingredient for making C4. RDX (Cyclotrimethylenetrinitramine) is a nitroamine (organic) high explosive. In its purest state, RDX is a white, crystalline solid, and when…

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Cutting Dependencies and Staying Away From the Herd

Preppers are continually looking for new ways to improve their independence come the SHTF. We are constantly improving our preps, from evaluating the latest gadgets to learning new skills. But to really assert our independence we must start cutting our…

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Former CIA Director James Woolsey: ”EMP attack It’s Not Just An Idle Threat”

Former CIA Director James Woolsey recently co-authored an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal in which he warned an electromagnetic pulse or EMP attack “could bring our civilization to a cold, dark halt.” What is EMP and why should Arizonans…

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