I recently came across a video about the items that will disappear first when there is an emergency or natural disaster. I have a healthy respect for the need to be prepared in case of an emergency of ANY kind, so this…

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11 Ways to Signal for Help in Case of Emergency

  Having multiple effective ways to signal for help can make all the difference in a survival situation where outside help is warranted. Distress signals can take many forms, from high-tech modern electronics to the primitive techniques and materials that…

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When Should I Go Into a Full Pandemic Lockdown Mode

Gross mismanagement of the Ebola crisis by CDC and health officials around the country has left many Americans wondering what steps they need to take to prevent getting infected. Some of the key questions facing concerned citizens revolve around the concepts of…

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Failure to Protect U.S. Against Electromagnetic Pulse Threat Could Make 9/11 Look Trivial Someday

Exploding A Nuclear Bomb In The Sky Creates An Interesting Phenomenon In 1962, during the depths of the Cold War, the U.S. military exploded a nuclear weapon high above an atoll in the Pacific Ocean. Dubbed Operation Starfish, this exercise…

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Billionaire hedge-fund manager Paul Singer warned: ”A nuclear device detonated above the U.S. could kill millions, and we’ve done almost nothing to prepare.”

In a recent letter to investors, billionaire hedge-fund manager Paul Singer warned that an electromagnetic pulse, or EMP, is “the most significant threat” to the U.S. and our allies in the world. He’s right. Our food and water supplies, communications,…

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The Seven Big Mistakes of Food Storage

If you are going to store food, make sure that the food you store is adequate for the need you and your family anticipate. This may not be as easy as to achieve as many people think, because the facts…

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100+ Non Food Items to Have in Your Emergency Supplies

Food storage is only the beginning of being prepared for an emergency. Besides food, there are other supplies you’ll want to have in your emergency stash. Get your copy of this in-depth, nuts and bolts guide to storing food for…

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Home Remedies for a Toothache

21 Ways To Cure A Toothache With Home Remedies

This week I had to write my article a little ahead of time as I will be out of the office for a few days. I went for an annual cleaning at my dentist and a routine X-ray showed that…

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How To Build a 400sqft Solar Powered Off Grid Cabin for $2000 [Video]

How to build a nice small off grid cabin powered by solar panels. Lamar Alexander built this cute little 400 square foot cabin for approximately $2000, and powers it with a 570 watt solar and wind power system. The whole system…

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7 Survival Life Hacks that could save your life [VIDEO]

Being human dictates that we need to adapt, survival being the key to our existence which is why this really compact video of 7 survival life hacks can actually be extremely helpful to you. Whether you need clean water, a…

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